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A press area available to all journalists and education professionals

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2023 – 2024 Press Releases (in French only)

24 June 2024 – MBS reinvents its excellence track dedicated to transition

4 April 2024 – MBS and EPF create a double-degree programme for leaders in management and engineering 

3 April 2024 – MBS rebrands, opens a campus in Paris and enters a new dimension

25 march 2024 – MBS at the forefront of helping companies move towards a mission-driven society

15 March 2024 – Hackathon ODD Challenge : MBS, 6 local companies and 250 students redefine the business game for Sustainability

15 February 2024 – Le Point 2024 ranking : MBS is the 2nd school most committed to ecological transition

6 February 2024 –  MBS launches a Master of Science in Banking Management in apprenticeship

23 January 2024 –  MBS’s Bachelor programme in the Top 5 of Le Figaro Etudiant ranking

29 November 2023 –  MBS research strives for excellence

23 October 2023 – MBS launches tutoring training course

09 October 2023 – MBS offers certification in Sustainable Finance 

03 October 2023 – Groupe La Poste and Montpellier Business School join forces to promote Quality of Life at Work and Parenthood in the workplace 



22 august 2023 – MBS is the only French business school in the Shanghai 2023 ranking 

19 june 2023Labex Entreprendre publishes its national report on entrepreneurial activity in 2022

02 may 2023 – International experience : 24 students in apprenticeship fly to Dakar to discover the African market

25 april 2023 – Hackathon ODD Challenge : 620 students from MBS build solutions to address the 17 sustainable development goals from the United Nations

14 april 2023 – Discover the 7 projects of MBS Excellence programme 1st promotion

06 april 2023MBS renews its AMBA accreditation for 5 years

29 march 2023A new partnership between Danone & MBS

16 march 2023 – Le Parisien 2023 ranking – MBS among the best Bachelor’s degrees

15 march 2023Signature of the partnership between the Mind Chair of MBS, the STER clinic and the CHU of Montpellier

20 February 2023 – Launching of a new track dedicated to high-level athletes and diverse talents

16 January 2023 – MBS, 1st French Business School certified by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers to organise the AMF sustainable finance exam

05 January 2023 – MBS gains two places and is 11th in the ranking of French business schools according to L’Etudiant

05 December 2022 – Launching of MBS Handicap scholarship, a new measure for social inclusion starting in September 2023

24 november 2022 – MBS opens the apprenticeship track in the first year of the MiM programme and the second year of the Bachelor programme

08 november 2022 – MBS has its EQUIS accreditation renewed for three years

03 Novembrer 2022 –  MBS, 2nd French Business School in the ChangeNOW ranking to change the world

18 october 2022 – MBS opens a preparation to the Tremplin 2 (Master in Management) entrance exam

06 october 2022 – New: MBS opens a second intake in January 2023 for its Bachelor Programme

30 september 2022Urbasolar become partner with MBS

12 September 2022 –  Financial Times 2022: MBS ranked 56th best Master in Management in the world

08 september 2022 – MBS launches its new programme of excellence ‘Act For Change’

2021 – 2022 Press Releases (in French only)

25 july 2022 – MBS progresses in the Shanghaï thematic rankings

30 june 2022 – ” Young innovative and responsible company” prize : the MBS Foundations offers €10,000

16 june 2022 – Pedagogical innovations : MBS implements several devices to train the forerunners of a social, digital and ecological transition

19 may 2022 –MBS: summary of the Life Coaching department, 6 months after its launch

15 may 2022 MBS received the DD&RS label

09 may 2022 : Pegase Chair’s report : Gen Z and air travel

29 april 2022: ODD Challenge : 660 students from MBS build solutions to meet the sustainable development’s regional challenges

14 april 2022Humanlinker, the start-up incubated by MBS raises 2.5 million euros

11 april 2022Banque Populaire du Sud becomes sponsor of ESI Chair

06 avril 2022 – The Pegase Chair became partners with AEROAFFAIRES

24 march 2022 – Ukraine : MBS supports the population and welcome the refugee students

17 march 2022 – MBS 8th in the ranking of French business schools according to Le Point

07 march 2022MBS creates a leadership scholarship for women

17 January 2022 Start up Week at MBS: 3 days to create a “zero carbon” business model

16 january 2022 MBS launches a research chair in transformation management to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals towards a low carbon economy.

08 january 2022ACM Habitat, SERM-SA3M and MBS: A collaboration to develop the skills of management teams

25 january 2022Gender mainstreaming : MBS joins the #StOpE initiative

19 january 2022MBS students participate in a European programme to encourage active citizenship and social entrepreneurship

14 january 2021 – Social openness : MBS creates 3 excellence scholarships 

06 january 2021 – MBS obtains Qualiopi Certification

14 December 2021 – Dr. Paul Chiambaretto joins the Sustainable Aviation Observatory with the Pegasus Chair and MBS

08 December 2021 – Gaia association renews student survival box to tackle insecurity

23 November 2021 – MBS open a Life Coaching unit to help students reaching their goals

17 November 2021Visiting MBS, the prefect of Hérault assures his support for the campus project in Cambaceres.

02 November 2021MBS, 2nd French Business School in the  ChangeNow ranking to change the world

19 October 2021 – Historical Research result

12 October 2021Review of the 6th day of #RDD2021

21 September 2021 – MBS’ eco-friendly intake

13 September 2021 –  Financial Times 2021: MBS ranked 56th best Master in Management in the world and 12th French Business School

2020-2021 Press Releases (in French only)

07 July 2021 – New MBS campus : the Fontès Architecture – Tourre Sanchis cabinet win the call for projects for a delivery in 2024

05 July 2021 – The MBS SEI Chair supports 14 project leaders in the creation of their social and environmental impact company

01 July 2021MBS Entrepreneurship Center : 5 startups make a pitch in front of banks and investors

22 June 2021 – MBS’ MSc in Digital Transformation has had its CGE accreditation renewed for a further 3 years

08 June 2021Air travel: nearly 40% of business trips replaced by video conferencing according to MBS researchers

02 June 2021Shanghai Ranking – MBS takes the 5th place

31 May 2021Dr Regis Delafenestre appointed Director of the Executive MBA

19 May 2021 – MBS ranked #1 among business schools for apprenticeship by Le Parisien

17 Mai 2021Closing ceremony of the inclusion campus

07 Mai 2021Lidl becomes Grand Partner of MBS

04 Mai 2021Crossing the Mediterranean in a rowing boat by Florian Juvanon alumni 2018

20 April 2021ODD Challenges: 600 MBS students mobilized

04 April 2021AACSB accreditation renewed for 5 years

30 March 2021MBS strengthens the social and environmental dimension of its Master in Management

22 March 2021MBS creates the COAST Chair dedicated to the sustainable transformation of the economy and society

09 March 2021 : Registration for the BCE 2021 competition : MBS is further improving its attractiveness to preparatory students.

08 February 2021 : MBS multiplies initiatives to promote social openness

01 February 2021 : Partial return to face-to-face courses on the MBS campus

21 January 2021 : The Bachelor of MBS obtains the Grade de Licence

14 January 2021 :  Future eco-campus in Cambaceres : four candidates selected for the competition of architects

11 January 2021 : Nicollin Group chooses MBS for the diagnosis and structuring of its CSR policy 08 january2021 : Start-Up Week MBS x Air France

2019-2020 Press Releases (in French only)


10 July 2019 : MBS Grande Ecole Programme becomes AMBA accredited

20 May 2019 : Start-up week 2019

11 April 2019 : New Dean MBS

29 March 2019 : Cooperation MBS and Créalia

09 March 2019 : Yunus conference

21 February 2019 : New governance

11 February 2019 : Major Partnership with AYMING

17 janvier 2019 : Refonte du PGE

15 January 2019 : MBS redesign the Grande Ecole Programme

18 December 2018 : MBS launch 9 new MSc

07 October 2018 : Major Partnership with SAGE

22 October 2018 : MBS welcome the ELLE Active conference

15 October 2018 : MBS welcome the JobsTIC forum

10  September 2018 : MBS 52nd in the FT rankings

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