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Centers and chairs

Discover the MBS centers and chairs

Discover the MBS centers and chairs

The Chairs are a valuable link between the worlds of research, teaching and business. MBS has a total of 5 Chairs.

MBS Chairs

Social & Sustainable Finance Chair

#finance #sustainabledevelopment #sociallyresponsibleinvesting

This Chair aims to intensify research, training and exchange of best practices in the field of social and sustainable finance.

The Social & Sustainable Chair conducts research on microfinance, social banking, Environmental, Social and Governance Indicators (SGI) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

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Social Entrepreneurship & Inclusion Chair

#social&solidarityeconomy #entrepreneurship #inclusion

The aim of the Social Entrepreneurship & Inclusion Chair is to promote social and solidarity economy businesses through research and teaching activities as well as concrete actions at the local level. The Chair also seeks to support people furthest from the labour market to contribute to a more inclusive economy.

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The COAST Chair

#sustainabledevelopment #sustainableeconomy

The COAST Chair (Communication and Organising for sustainability transformation) explores cultural and organisational transformations leading to a low carbon economy. Thanks to its expertise in strategic communication and systems thinking, the COAST Chair supports organisations in transforming their management approach vis-à-vis sustainable development and helps them measure their impact on low-carbon practices.

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The Mind Chair

#inclusion #csr

The MIND Chair (Inclusive Management & Societal Commitment) supports the transformation of organisations to engage in the ongoing social and societal transition. It aims to leverage inclusive management for societal commitment of organisations in order to specify their mission and raison d’être while meeting the expectations of their stakeholders.

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The Pegase Chair

The Pegase Chair is the first French Chair dedicated to the economy and management of air transport and aerospace. Its ambition is to strengthen the links between the academic world and air transport and aerospace companies.

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The Yunus Centre

The Yunus Centre is an academic hub created in partnership with the Yunus Centre in Dhaka (Bangladesh). It trains students and raises awareness of social business. The Yunus Centre’s mission also includes the development of research by disseminating new knowledge on this topic.

These activities involve collaboration with associations and companies in order to create an ecosystem of social and solidarity economy project leaders within the School.

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Why support research?

  • Become a Research Advisor

Joining a Chair today helps you prepare for the issues and challenges of tomorrow. It also means investing in R&D in an innovative way to address the challenges of your business sector and/or your profession. 

  • Embody your values through a strong commitment

Give concrete expression to your commitment to a more social, sustainable and responsible economy.

  • Favourable tax treatment through partonage

Your support for the research activity benefits from the advantageous tax framework of patronage allowing your company to get a corporate tax reduction of 60% of the donation within the limit of 0.5% of its turnover.


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