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Sports, cultural, solidarity or exchange associations

Sports, cultural, solidarity or exchange associations

« Entrepreneur » Philosophy

Community work, projects and teamwork aim to train students in project and team management, and to make them aware of the values of openness and diversity, as well as global responsibility and performance.

Our sport, cultural, solidarity or exchange associations are yearly involved in more than 60 projects and provide as many reasons for students to commit, feel fulfilled and surpass themselves.

A diversified offer

Throughout the year, The Bureau des Elèves (Student union) organises no-to-be-missed events. It is also composed of two new structures, the LIM “Living in Montpellier”, a smartphone application offering great deals at reduced prices in Montpellier, and the prevention centre that ensures the safety and the well-being of students.

The Bureau des Sports d’Adrénaline et de Sup d’Eole programme includes championships, extreme sports and cruises.

The Bureau des Arts and Larsen offer fashion shows, drama classes and music concerts.

Iris Live opens its doors to photography and audiovisual lovers, Oenophorie welcomes food lovers, while international students explore France with World Connexion and those looking to play the markets join CAC 34.

Solidarity and generosity will be the key words of Sup de cœur, while sustainable development will be that of Gaïa. Job’serv forges links between students and companies to promote recruitment.

Active members

These associations are made up on average of about fifteen active members, including the members of the Board (a president, a treasurer, a secretary, sometimes working in pairs) and department heads.

A dedicated space and appropriate management tools

An area of 600 m² converted into offices is dedicated to associations.

The association guide, the Animafac training courses, the meeting of professionals (insurance agents, lawyers, bank representatives, etc.), former members solicited as leaders, the Montpellier Business School association coordinator support students throughout their associative mandate.

An enriching experience

The associative engagement brings a rich human experience and a personal fulfilment. It also strengthens managerial and administrative skills and helps students develop skills that are necessary for their future professional life.

Join other students who, by being engaged, mix business with pleasure!

Be at the service of associations !

As part of the Prométhée project, Montpellier Business School offers you the opportunity to put the skills you learned during your courses and internships at the service of an association. A tutor provides you with the support you need and you are assessed on your achievements. Each year, the best project is awarded a prize.

Official Facebook pages of MBS’ associations

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