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We pay particular attention to ensuring that our website offers a high level of accessibility so that all users can take full advantage of all the information available, in accordance with the definition given by Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director:

“Make the Web and its services available to all individuals, regardless of their hardware or software, network infrastructure, their language, culture, geographical location, or their physical or mental abilities.”

Based on the international standards of WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), several application methods in the form of references have been developed to facilitate the understanding and application of Web accessibility rules.

In France, we have two sets of references:

  • AccessiWeb
  • RGAA

In France, the General Accessibility Reference Framework for Administrations (RGAA) is intended to define, the technical modalities for the accessibility of online services of the State, local authorities, and the public institutions that depend on it. Like the WCAG, three levels of compliance have been defined: A (minimum level), AA and AAA (maximum level).

Our site has been developed in compliance with the RGAA 3.0. It meets the minimum AA level of WCAG 2.0. Some pages with high media content in particular only validate the level A.

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