Montpellier Business School
MBS offers programs oriented towards economic, environmental and social transition

MBS offers programs oriented towards economic, environmental and social transition

CSR and sustainable development


Social and environmental responsibility runs through all our courses and is at the heart of MBS’ philosophy. Our school has created a department dedicated to Diversity and Social and Environmental Responsibility, to coordinate all its initiatives in these areas.

Learn to make a difference

MBS offers programmes oriented towards the economic, environmental and social transition so that students can become actors in the transformation of organisations.

Our academic programmes include courses focusing on environmental and solidarity dimensions. Our programmes equip our students with key soft skills to help them to be part of this dynamic. Seminars are organised to provide them with advanced skills in change management.

All our students take courses and acquire soft skills in the field of management and sustainable development in order to combine societal issues with the fundamental teachings of management sciences.

Each year, students take part in a major project in this area: a challenge on the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the pre-master’s year, an International Entrepreneurship seminar in the second year and a Responsible Leadership seminar in the third year.

Specialisations and certificates related to this theme are also offered in conjunction with the MBS chairs: Sustainable Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship in the Social and Solidarity Economy, Management of Ecological and Solidarity Transformation, Diversity and Inclusive Management.

Environmental management of the campus

In 2020, Montpellier Business School carried out a carbon assessment of the CO2 emissions generated by all its activities. This work was carried out in consultation with student and faculty representatives and led to the creation of a climate strategy focusing on six priority areas:

  1. Sustainable food on campus
  2. Energy management and control of buildings
  3. Softer and/or shared mobility for employees and students
  4. Green IT usage, responsible digital transition
  5. Optimisation of waste management channels on campus
  6. Training and awareness-raising for employees and students on the challenges of the ecological transition

Sustainability Lab

MBS has created a “Sustainability Lab” in order to integrate the Sustainable Development approach into all of its services, its departments and its functional and operational activities. This body is composed of teaching and administrative staff who manage the implementation of sustainable development approaches on campus and ensure that this issue is included in the school’s research and teaching methods.

Visit the MBS website dedicated to CSR (content in French only)

Sustainable DeveloPment

Grande Ecole of Management founded in 1897 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier, Montpellier Business School (MBS) was built on two two pillars: academic quality and an and an unwavering commitment to its values – ethics, openness and diversity, global responsibility and performance.

For several years, the activities of MBS have been driven by two convictions.

The conviction that diversity is an asset and a strength for society as well as for companies. We believe in an open world where all talents can express their full potential, regardless of their social social, cultural, geographical, gender or sexual orientation or sexual orientation. We believe that studying in this diverse community is an added strength for each of the individuals who compose the community.

The conviction that the sustainable success of any company success depends on taking into account its economic performance, but also its social and environmental performance. We believe that the greatest challenge for companies will be the sustainable and eco-responsible transformation of their strategy. This is why CSR and sustainable development are at the heart of our research activities and are taught transversally in all our programmes. This unique approach aims to train managers and entrepreneurs capable of leading the financial and environmental performance of their companies.

MBS 2nd in the ranking of schools to change the world

This new ranking evaluates the capacity of higher education institutions to train students in the major challenges of environmental and social transitions. For this first issue, the school has directly reached the 2nd place of the ranking, which echoes directly our committed and inclusive policy. MBS has integrated an environmental and social dimension throughout the syllabus and in each of its courses, which is now acknowledged at national level.

At the same time, in accordance with its strategic plan, the school will launch in 2022 within the “PGE” a course of excellence “Act for change” dedicated to the training of future ambassadors of the ecological and social transition, as well as a research and teaching centre.

Campus & Environmental transition

MBS attaches great importance to environmental, economic and social issues. Our involvement can be illustrated this year by the fact that we obtained the DD&RS Label, which evaluates and values the actions implemented within French higher education and research establishments in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility. From now on, we will continue and hope to increase our skills in the five areas that make up the audit:

  • Strategy & Governance
  • Education & Training
  • Research & Innovation
  • Environmental management
  • Social Policy

MBS has set itself the mission of making its students and employees aware of Sustainable Development in its economic, societal and environmental dimensions. These notions have of course been included in the students’ course syllabus and are the focus of attention of our research professors, but they are also used in several events and actions throughout the year.

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