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Scientific works

MBS Faculty regularly publishes in prestigious peer-review journals

MBS Faculty regularly publishes in prestigious peer-review journals

Intellectual contributions

One of Montpellier Business School missions is to produce original and high-quality intellectual content. In order to achieve this objective, our professors-researchers focus on the publications listed in the CNRS, FNEGE, FT50 repository.

Our scientific productions are of several types and concern research (articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, book chapters, conference papers) as well as pedagogy (papers, books) or professional activities (articles, books, consulting).

Our researchers publish in prestigious journals such as (but not limited to):  Academy of Management Perspectives, Academy of Management Review, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, Economic Theory, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, European Journal of Operational, Human Relations, Information Sciences,  International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Venturing,  Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Organizational Behavior,  Journal of Product Innovation Management,  Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Operations Research,  Organization & Environment,  Research Policy, Review of Finance, Science, The Energy Journal, Ecological Economics, Economics and Philosophy, Experimental Economics, Food Quality and Preference, Health Economics,  Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Management Studies,  Journal of Mathematical Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Public Choice, RAND Journal of Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics,  The Economic History Review.


Below are some of our most recent scientific papers:

  • Chen B. & Althuizen N. Forthcoming. How exposure to others’ ideas and ratings on online crowdsourcing platforms jointly influence subsequent idea generation performance: A socio-cognitive perspective. Journal of Production Innovation Management.

  • Osburg V.-S., Yoganathan V., McLeay F. & Diallo M. Forthcoming. (In)compatibilities in sustainable luxury signals. Ecological Economics.

  • Aslam H., Wanke P., Roubaud D., Khalid A., Grebinevych O., Waseem M., Jabbour C. & Jabbour B. Forthcoming. A scenario-based experimental study of buyer-supplier relationship commitment in the context of a psychological contract breach: Implications for supply chain management. International Journal of Production Economics.

  • Belhadi A., Venkatesh M., Kamble S S. & Jabbour C J C. Forthcoming. Building supply chain resilience and efficiency through additive manufacturing: an ambidextrous perspective on the dynamic capability view. International Journal of Production Economics.

  • Tsionas M. G. Forthcoming. Performance estimation when the distribution of inefficiency is unknown. European Journal of Operational Research. 

  • Bouri E. & Shahzad S.J.H. Forthcoming. Network topology of dynamic credit default swap curves of energy firms and the role of oil shocks. The Energy Journal.

  • Tsionas M G. Forthcoming. Convex non-parametric least squares, causal structures and productivity. European Journal of Operational Research. 

  • Niu. B, Dai Z., Liu Y & Jin Y. 2022. The role of physical internet in building trackable and sustainable logistics service supply chains: A game analysis. International Journal of Production and Economics. 247, 108438.

  • Stekelorum R., Gupta S., Laguir I., Kumar S. & Kumar S. Forthcoming. Pouring cement down one of your oil wells: Relationship between the supply chain disruption orientation and performance. Production and Operations Management.

  • Tsionas MG, Guadez JN. & P. Patel. Forthcoming. Endogenous efficiency of dynamic profit maximization in intertemporal production models on venture behavior. International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Delis M.D., Politsidis P. & Sarno L. Forthcoming. The cost of foreign-currency lending. Journal of Banking and Finance.
  • Niu B., Shen Z., Xie F., Liu Y. & Xu X. Forthcoming. Real-time payment in cross-border operations considering local competition and tax-planning. International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Belhadi A., Kamble S S., Jabbour C J C., Venkatesh M. & Touriki F E. Forthcoming. A Self-assessment tool for evaluating the integration of circular economy and industry 4.0 principles in closed-loop supply chains. International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Delis M., Iosifidi M., Kazakis P., Ongena S. & Tsionas MG. 2022. Management practices and M&A success. Journal of Banking and Finance, 134: 106355.
  • Kumbhakar SC. & Tsionas MG. Forthcoming. Efficiency measurement in Norwegian electricity distribution: A generalized four-way-error-component stochastic frontier models. Energy Journal.
  • Lacerda D.S. Forthcoming. Investigating the political economy of the territory: the contradictory responses of organisations to spatial inequality. Organization. . [DOI: 10.1177/13505084211061239]
  • Tsionas M. G., Izzeldin M. & Trapani L. Forthcoming. Alternatives to large VARs, VARMA and multivariate stochastic volatility models. European Economic Review, 141: 103952
  • Cakici N. & Zaremba A. Forthcoming. Salience theory and the cross-section of stock returns: International and further evidence. Journal of Financial Economics.
  • Patel P. & Tsionas M. G. 2022. Cultural interconnectedness in supply chain networks and change in performance: An internal efficiency perspective. International Journal of Production Economics, 243: 108314.
  • Bartsch F., Zeugner-Roth K & Katsikeas CS. Forthcoming. Consumer authenticity seeking: Conceptualization, measurement, and contingent effects. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
  • Blavatskyy P., Panchenko V. & Ortmann A.  Forthcoming. On the experimental robustness of the Allais paradox. Experimental Economics.

Montpellier Business School also participates in the organisation of academic conferences such as the IECER.

Montpellier Business School also considers that the dissemination of the knowledge it generates is important. Our professors are therefore encouraged to publish in more general media such as Le Nouvel Observateur, The Conversation, The New Scientist…

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