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Numerous plans that significantly reduce tuition costs

Numerous plans that significantly reduce tuition costs

Financing your studies at MBS


From being a pioneer, MBS is now a visionary in social openness and equal opportunities. We offer our students a wide range of inclusive solutions to finance their studies.

For instance, nearly 50% of our students are partially or totally exempted from tuition fees through various types of scholarships, or through employment opportunities within the School. The Montpellier Business School Social Fund also grants interest-free loans.

Work-study programmes

The tuition fees for work-study programmes are fully covered by the host company. The student also receives a salary.

As the leader in work-study programmes in France, MBS offers work-study programmes for all or part of the curriculum, depending on the admission procedure and professionalisation criteria.  Students on work-study programmes can also apply for the App’titude scholarship.

CROUS grants and accommodation

The CROUS grant is awarded to students in initial training who are pursuing their higher education studies based on social criteria, particularly family income.

Apply for your grant and accommodation online at

For more information, contact the CROUS of Montpellier Occitanie:

  • Scholarships 04 73 34 64 14
  • Accommodation 04 67 41 50 44 or 04 67 41 50 35

School scholarships

At any time during their curriculum, students can apply for a scholarship which will be awarded on the basis of academic, social and attendance criteria.

The Excellence Scholarships exempt students from all tuition fees for the whole duration of their studies.

The International Excellence Scholarships allow deserving students from developing countries to come to Montpellier for the last two years of the Grande Ecole Programme without having to worry about their living expenses and tuition fees.

App’titude Scholarships are offered to apprentices, as a complement to their remuneration, to help them cope with the unforeseen costs of their training (transport, double accommodation, etc.).

The Monitorat grants allow students to apply for jobs within the administrative and pedagogical services of MBS. Students can work up to 10 hours per week for 8 months, adjusting their working hours to their school schedule and personal commitments.

Honorary loans allow students to pay back part of their tuition fees (up to one year of study) after graduation, interest-free and on an agreed schedule according to their financial resources.

MBS covers the costs of studying abroad so that financial considerations do not interfere with students’ motivation and ambition. Indeed, the school covers the additional tuition fees charged by some partner universities. Students only need to pay their tuition fees to Montpellier Business School, regardless of the fees charged by the host university.

Other scholarships

MBS also works in partnership with several associations and organisations that offer specific scholarships to our students under certain conditions:

  • Jacques Lambert Foundation scholarships
  • Eiffel Scholarships
  • Rotary Club scholarships
  • Jane Klausman Prize of the Zonta International Foundation

Finally, the work-study programmes require the host company to pay the students’ tuition fees.

Temporary contracts

MBS allows its students to benefit from a temporary contract to work 10 hours per week in one of its departments.

These students, called “monitors”, receive a monthly salary for eight months. Selection is based on financial resources. Aspiring students must complete a motivation interview.

Honorary loans

In 1994, the Grande Ecole Programme created a Social Fund which grants its students interest-free loans of varying amounts depending on their financial situation to help them finance their PGE tuition fees.

All students can benefit from these loans during their entire course at MBS.

These loans are repayable from the time of graduation according to the following terms and conditions:

  • Repayment over a period not exceeding 24 months for loans up to 5000 euros;
  • Repayment over a period not exceeding 36 months for loans over 5000 euros.

Click here to find out about the financial aid for the Grande Ecole Programme.

Click here to find out more about the financial aid for the Bachelor Programme.

Funding opportunities for prospective Indian students (scholarship database and education loans)

WeMakeScholars makes it easier for Indian students to find scholarships to pursue their studies abroad and helps students in applying for education loans that match their profile. As an initiative funded and supported by the Ministry of IT, Govt. of India, all the services offered are free of cost.

WeMakeScholars has a database of over 26,000 International Scholarships from various benefactors.They are currently associated with 12 top lenders in India, which includes public sector banks like State Bank of India (SBI), Bank of Baroda (BOB), as well as private banks and NBFCs, making education financing a smooth journey for Indian students.

To get in touch, kindly contact their support team by phone +91-8341124424 or email

Indian students can directly start their education loan process- Apply online here!

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