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Social & Sustainable Finance Chair

Social & Sustainable Finance Chair


Created in October 2020, the Social & Sustainable Finance Chair of Montpellier Business School is the extension of the Microfinance in Developed Countries Chair, created in 2018 in partnership with the Microfinance Institution Créa-Sol. The chairholders Dr. Anastasia Cozarenco and Dr. Thi Hong Van Hoang, have the objective to promote social finance, in particular microfinance and social banking, and sustainable finance, which aims to direct the flow of financial capital toward projects focused on the achievement of the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations in 2015. With this objective, the activities of the chair are structured around three axes: teaching, research, and events.


The objective of the chair is to train students and professionals in social and sustainable finance in order to become actors of environmental and social transition. With the existing specialization Master of Science Responsible Finance and courses in microfinance, ESG and SRI, in various teaching programs at Montpellier Business School, the chair will continue to develop new training programs via face-to-face and online sessions. 

From the 2021-2022 academic year, the Social & Sustainable Finance Chair collaborates with the Master Program to coordinate and lead a new specialization in Sustainable Finance. This “Sustainable Finance” certificate will be open to students in the 3rd year of the Master Program and will allow students to prepare themselves, in an operational manner, for different professions in Sustainable Finance.


The objective of the chair is to produce and disseminate knowledge in social and sustainable finance with academic and professional articles, regulatory reviews, and white papers. Drawing on its experience and its academic and professional networks, the chair contributes and participates in debates around social and sustainable finance, and around regulatory and big data issues.


The chair organizes thematic conferences and seminars to create places for collaborations and debates between academics, professionals, and regulators in social and sustainable finance. The chairholders also participate in various academic and professional events to bring their vision to these debates.


In 2015, the COP21 reached a historic agreement on the global goal of keeping global warming below 2° by 2100. Shortly before COP21, the United Nations and member countries defined the 17 sustainable development goals for the 2030 horizon. To achieve these objectives, the financial sector has its role to play by directing the capital flow towards firms and investment projects that allow these social and environmental objectives to be attained. To do this, for nearly 20 years, the financial sector has been developing reporting and performance measurement tools based on Environmental (E), Social (S), and Governance (G) indicators. Despite numerous efforts by regulators and actors in the financial sector, the need to have clear and common benchmarks has become essential for a successful environmental, social and economic transition. It is in this context that the Montpellier Business School’s Social & Sustainable Finance Chair was created with the objective of being an actor in this transition.


The mission of the chair is to promote social and sustainable finance through teaching, research, and events, with private and academic partners with focus on two main topics:

  • Microfinance and social banking
  • ESG and socially responsible investments

Through teaching, the ambition of the chair is to be an actor in the environmental, social and economic transition by training students and professionals to the challenges of social and sustainable finance. Through research, the chair produces and disseminates knowledge, findings, avenues for reflection, new models so that finance aligns with the objectives of sustainable development, creating positive impacts and limiting negative impacts. Through events, the chair creates a place for collaborations and debates to advance social and sustainable finance in companies, and with regulatory bodies. These events also help raise the general public’s awareness of environmental and social issues in finance.

To carry out this mission, the chair works with private and academic partners to develop teaching and research projects that combine academic rigor and the needs expressed by finance professionals.


The challenges of the Chair are part of the global environmental and social challenges. Indeed, in order to succeed in the environmental, social, and economic transition, the participation of all actors in the society is necessary. In this context, the Social & Sustainable Finance Chair participates in this transition through training, research, and events. Indeed, the chair participates in training responsible managers who are aware of environmental and social issues, and who can integrate them into their missions. The research carried out by the chair helps understand, inform, and contribute to the regulatory and digital evolution of social and sustainable finance. The events organized by the chair help raise awareness among the general public, students, researchers, professionals, and regulators on the issues of social and sustainable finance.


Dr Anastasia Cozarenco, titulaire de la chaire

Dr Anastasia Cozarenco, Chair holder

Dr Thi Hong Van Hoang, titulaire de la chaire

Dr Thi Hong Van Hoang, Chair holder

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