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Sport Office

Sport Office

The Sports Office is a dynamic student association made up of around thirty people who are passionate about sport. Our mission is to promote sport among Montpellier Business School students by organising various sporting events such as inter-school tournaments, outdoor outings and inter-UB tournaments.

Our association is also responsible for managing all the school’s sports teams. We organise training and travel for all the sportsmen and women, ensuring that everyone has the means to flourish in their chosen discipline. We are fortunate to be able to work closely with other associations at the school, in particular the Students’ Office, to offer even more dynamic and attractive sporting events for all students.

By joining the Sports Office, students have the opportunity to get involved in the school’s sporting life, to develop their creativity and initiative, and to meet people who share the same passion. We are convinced that sport is a powerful way of forging strong social links, uniting students around a common goal and contributing to everyone’s well-being.

It is made up of 13 sports clubs:

Handball: Fox et Wolf

Football: Panthers et Tigers

Rugby: Poulz et Poulzettes

Volleyball: Falcon et Eagles

Cheerleading: Ravens

Basketball: Phoenix et Sharks

Tennis: Crocodiles

Athletics : Flamin’Go

Bureau des Sports MBS

key BDS events

MBS World Cup: 16-team futsal tournament

Basketball tournament

Sports Night

ESC (Sports competitions between business schools)

Student sports competitions in the Occitanie League

Conference on surpassing oneself and inclusion in sport

Tell us about an event

The MBS World Cup, a student futsal tournament featuring teams representing different countries! Imagine playing football with your friends while representing your favourite country, wearing the colours of your flag and proudly waving your national banner. That’s exactly what happened at the MBS World Cup!

Students from every year of the school got together to form teams, each representing a different country. The teams were divided into pools, playing exciting matches to qualify for the finals. The competition was fierce, but always in the spirit of fair play, with cheers and applause echoing throughout the room.

The participants were delighted with the event, which gave them the chance to practise their favourite sport in a fun and friendly environment. Not only did they have a great time playing football, but they also had the opportunity to meet other students with a passion for sport. What’s more, the tournament created an atmosphere of healthy competition and encouraged sports participation at the school.

En fin de compte, ce fut un événement mémorable qui a rassemblé les étudiants autour du sport et de l’amusement. Les joueurs ont donné leur meilleur et ont affiché leur esprit sportif, créant des souvenirs qui resteront gravés dans leur esprit pour longtemps. La MBS World Cup d’Herausis est un événement à ne pas manquer pour tous les fans de sport et les amateurs de futsal !

All in all, it was a memorable event that brought students together around sport and fun. The players gave their best and showed their sportsmanship, creating memories that will stay with them for a long time. The Herausis MBS World Cup is an event not to be missed by all sports fans and futsal enthusiasts!

Football Montpellier Business School
Cheerleaders Montpellier Business School

Why join the association

If you’re passionate about sport, like to share your passion and take on new challenges, the sports office is the ideal association for you. We offer students, whether or not they are sporty, the chance to take part in a wide range of sports, including football, cheerleading, handball, boxing and volleyball.

Students from all backgrounds come together around their shared passion and enjoy unforgettable experiences, such as the Challenge Ecricome, which will remain engraved in their memories forever.

Promoting sport within your school is an opportunity that should not be missed. By joining our association, you can develop many professional skills and acquire qualities such as commitment and perseverance, which will stand you in good stead throughout your life.

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