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Astronomy Association

UnisVersMBS, where astronomy and science meet

UnisVersMBS is a dynamic community with a passion for astronomy and science. The association is committed to making knowledge of the cosmos accessible to everyone.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic star gazer, an explorer of the mysteries of the planets, or simply curious about the wonders of science, UnisVersMBS offers fertile ground for your interests to flourish.

At the heart of our approach is a unique fusion of fascination with the stars and scientific rigour, creating an environment conducive to learning and discovery.

UnisVersMBS Association Etudiante

upcoming events

– Trips to Northern Lights countries

– Stargazing nights (campfires)

– Visits to observatories/planetariums

– Writing and publishing journals

– Thematic conferences (popularising science)

why join your association

Join UnisVersMBS to be part of a community where curiosity is encouraged and passion for astronomy and science is celebrated.

Whether you’re already an expert or a beginner, our association offers an inclusive space where you can broaden your knowledge, share your experiences and take part in enriching events such as observing evenings, inspiring lectures and exciting scientific workshops.

By joining forces, we cultivate an understanding of the cosmos and promote a scientific approach to all aspects of life. Joining UnisVersMBS means not only immersing yourself in the fascinating world of astronomy, but also contributing to a committed and dynamic community that is exploring the countless horizons of knowledge together.

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