Montpellier Business School
30 July 2019

A summer in Montpellier: tips and tricks to pave your way back to school

A summer in Montpellier: tips and tricks to pave your way back to school

I discover the city and choose the activities that suit me

Whatever the season, Montpellier is a city in perpetual motion. Whether it is in Montpellier Business School, the associations or the city, there are so many gatherings that it is sometimes difficult to choose amongst all the activities and events on offer. 

On campus, the BDE and associations can show the students around. In the city, some very good tour guides are available to help you discover the city in summertime.

The tourism office provides here a referencing of all possible activities:

If your wish is to maintain the culture fire burning, the Mama Sound will be an excellent tool for that. It shares year-round concerts, exhibitions and theatres in Montpellier.

Want to have a bite? A good coffee with friends? Montpellier City Crunch tests good addresses as well as new restaurants in Occitanie, a real pool of good ideas to plan your first adventures in the city.

Finally, if these are your first steps in the beautiful city of Herault region, you’ll do well to visit the historic district of Ecusson. Located in the heart of the city centre, Ecusson district is sure to satisfy your curiosity. And here is a list of venues you do not want to miss:

  • Le Jardin des Plantes, which takes a different look every season.
  • Fabre Museum, Montpellier’s main art museum, offering reduced rates for students.
  • La Panacée, a place of hybrid conviviality mixing coffee, catering, contemporary art and coworking spaces.
  • Le pavillon populaire, a free, open to the public photographic area.

Finding accommodation

Whether you are looking for accommodation for a short stay or for the whole year, Montpellier Business School has its own “housing platform”. It is accessible from the mosaic Ecampus or directly here.

If you are a future student in the process of registering for the next school year, a registration key will be required. This authentication code can be communicated to you directly by the Montpellier Business School reception service on the following phone number: 04 67 10 25 00.

If the distance between your home and the school is a matter of importance to you, here is some information on the different ways you can access the campus:

  • By tram: Line 3, stop: Hotel Department (15 minutes from downtown).
  • By bus: Line 7 (every 15 minutes approximately).

Back to Montpellier Business School: ask for the program!

Former students and freshly admitted ones, re-entry dates are available here. And know that this year, many surprises await students.

Among these novelties are several events. For instance, the Start Up Week will be back to inaugurate the last year of the students of the Grande Ecole Program. All week long and in a team, students will be challenged around a business creation project whose sector will be unveiled only at the beginning of the week. This same theme will then be declined under 3 angles over 3 consecutive weeks.

Also, for the first conference of the academic year, Montpellier Business School will have the honour of receiving Mr. Philippe Croizon on September 10th for an exceptional intervention with students on the theme of perseverance and surpassing oneself.

Finally and for the first time, the European Day of Languages ​​will also be invited to Montpellier Business School on September 26th, offering a series of workshops combining inter-culturalism and conviviality around the common theme of “inter-comprehension”.

This is just a sample of the surprises awaiting students in the fall, but if everything was unveiled, it would not be a surprise anymore. Happy holidays to all.

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