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09 October 2018

Signing of a Major Partnership between Banque Populaire du Sud and MBS

Signing of a Major Partnership between Banque Populaire du Sud and MBS

On Tuesday 25 September 2018, Pierre Chauvis, Executive Director of Banque Populaire du Sud, Didier Grino, Secretary General of Montpellier Business School, and Matthias Bauland, Deputy Dean in charge of development at MBS, signed a partnership agreement marking the start of a joint collaboration between the two institutions around a managerial training programme.

Banque Populaire du Sud thus becomes the 48th Major Partner of the Grande Ecole of Management

The signing of this major partnership, at Montpellier Business School Campus, preceded the certification ceremony of the Banque Populaire du Sud 1st promotion in the presence of newly certified participants, members of the Bank’s Executive Committee, as well as the entire MBS team.

For Montpellier Business School, providing major partners with the benefit of our expertise in terms of recruitment and, above all, in terms of Executive Education is a major strategic focus”, says Matthias Bauland, Deputy Dean in charge of Development at MBS. “This signature marks the concrete fulfilment of a collaboration initiated 2 years ago around the construction of our first joint executive education programme, which MBS has developed custom-made. The academic excellence of our programmes has enabled us to provide a response to their high requirements in terms of skills acquisition”.

With the signing of this 48th major partnership, we are celebrating an already successful collaboration and affirming our shared values of responsibility and commitment to the development of our territory”, adds Matthias Bauland.

A tailor-made training to support employees

On this occasion, the 2 partners are sustaining this effort by launching the training of a second promotion of managers. This launch once again gives a practical expression to this collaboration, which began in 2015 when Banque Populaire du Sud expressed its need to support employees with high potential in the acquisition of managerial skills. MBS then proposed a tailor-made and BADGE-certified training programme (accredited by the Conférence of Grandes Ecoles) Top Manager PME/Business Unit, spread over a period of 18 months. The objective was to prepare managers for the changes in a sector that is constantly evolving, to equip them and make them reach new heights.

A multifaceted commitment

By choosing MBS as its major partner, Banque Populaire du Sud is thus expressing its desire to maintain indefinitely the professional training designed for its employees and perpetuate the relationships established with the Grande Ecole of Management. The 2 institutions are also committed to extending their collaboration to other levels: recruitment of students and young graduates (internships, apprenticeship contracts and jobs) or research and educational development (conferences, seminars, examination boards, etc.).

For Banque Populaire du Sud, the objective of the partnership agreement is to combine our common values to carry out concrete actions and to share our mutual expertise in all our activities,” explains Pierre Chauvois, Executive Director of Banque Populaire du Sud. “Bringing the world of education and business closer together is fundamental. Today, we need to be open and attentive to changes. The world is changing, I am thinking in particular of the digital revolution. Becoming one of MBS major partners gives us the opportunity to exchange with other companies. I hope that our partnership will be sustainable, effective, inspiring and that it will serve our territory and the men and women who live there and make it truly alive”.

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