Montpellier Business School
19 October 2016

She left Italy to specialise in finance with a Master in Science from Montpellier Business School

She left Italy to specialise in finance with a Master in Science from Montpellier Business School

Federica Ongetta, 22, is one of the 17 students in the new Master of Science in Finance offered by Montpellier Business School. Coming straight from Trevis in Italy, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in international business over four years at the Ca Foscari Venezia University, she chose to continue with an MSc in France, in order to acquire in-depth knowledge of a specialised subject and enjoy a multicultural environment.


“I love the unknown and I love discoveries. Last year, I spent a ski season in Australia as a ski instructor and I loved getting to know another culture and opening up to others – it was very rewarding”, she explains. “So, after my Bachelor’s degree, it was time to finish my academic path abroad. I wanted to finish my studies by becoming an expert in a complex field, such as financial management, as well as by becoming more mature and opening up my mind. That’s why I wanted to pursue an MSc in a foreign country that appealed to me a lot : France !”


It was her finance professor in Australia who guided her choice of school : « When I talked about my plans to my finance professor, Guido Massimiliano Mantovani – who also teaches at Harvard – he was the one who recommended Montpellier Business School, for the quality of its teaching and its highly esteemed teachers. And I thank him for that because I have no regrets! » says Federica. « The courses at Montpellier Business School are very different from those that I could have taken in Italy! Here we do a lot of group work, so a spirit of cohesion develops very quickly between students. The teaching method is very communicative with an action-oriented approach. »


Always looking for diversity and opportunities to develop her language skills, Federica is not disappointed: « Coming to France to pursue specialised training, taught entirely in English – it’s double immersion! Not to mention the multicultural environment of Montpellier Business School. The student body is international, everyone is from a different country, whether it’s China, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, or somewhere else. As well as academic sharing, there’s a true sharing of cultures. We also have the opportunity to interact with students of the Master Grande École Programme since we have courses in common, so we are not all separated, which is something I was concerned about at the beginning. »


Soon, Federica will have to find a placement that will be decisive for her future career. And she is eager to be able to complete her CV. « I don’t really have any professional experience related to finance in particular. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to diving into the field with a long-term placement that enables me to prove my skills as a future Financial Risk Manager. So, if you are looking for an intern in this area, please think of me ! »

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