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Dr. Roubaud David

Roubaud David
Fonction Full Professor
Research themes Finance, Microeconomics and Decision Science
Teaching department Finance, Control and Law

Tel.: +33 (0)467102704
Fax: +33 (0)467451356

Short Bio

Dr. David Roubaud joined Montpellier Business School in April 2011. He is a graduate from HEC School of Management and Sciences Po in Paris. Before completing a PhD in Economics & Finance (2011), he also worked as a Consultant in Strategy in Russia and prior to that was an Associate within the Mergers & Acquisitions department at Merrill Lynch in New York and London. Previously, he worked as an analyst at Rothschild Bank in Paris. In September 2013 he was appointed Dean of Academic Affairs of MBS and from early 2017 to end of 2020, Deputy Director General. Dr Roubaud has published more than 60 articles in international peer eviewed journals such as The Energy Journal, Ecological Economics, International Journal of Production Economics, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, International Journal of Production Research, Applied Economics, Annals of Operations Research, The World Economy, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, International Journal of Logistics Management, Economic Modelling, Resources Policy, Computational Economics, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Quaterly Review of Economics and Finance, Finance Research Letters, International Review of Financial Analysis, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting​, Economics Bulletin,International Journal of the Economics and Business, Economics Letters,...Key fields of application of his research are the real option theory in corporate finance, bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, energy economics, sustainable supply chain, circular economy,....

Selected intellectual contributions

Lavuri R., Roubaud D., Jabbour C. & Grebinevych O. Forthcoming. Green factors stimulating the purchase intention of innovative luxury organic beauty products: Implications for sustainable development. Journal of Environmental Management.

Jena S.K., Lahiani A., Tiwari A. & Roubaud D. 2021. Uncovering the complex asymmetric relationship between trading activity and commodity futures price: Evidenced from QNARDL study. Resources Policy, 74: 102277.

Bouri E. & Roubaud D. 2021. Risk aversion and Bitcoin returns in extreme quantiles. Economics Bulletin, 41(3): 1374-1386.

Wohar M., Balcilar M. & Roubaud D. 2021. Role of global, regional, and advanced market economic policy uncertainty on bond spreads in emerging markets. Economic Modelling, 102: 105576.

Wohar M., Balcilar M. & Roubaud D. 2021. Housing sector and economic policy uncertainty: A GMM panel VAR approach. International Review of Economics and Finance, 76: 114-126.

Dubey R., Bryde D., Blome C., Roubaud D. & Giannakis M. 2021. Facilitating artificial intelligence powered supply chain analytics through alliance management during the pandemic crises in the B2B context. Industrial Marketing Management, 96: 135-196.

Shahzad S.J.H., Bouri E., Rehman M.U. & Roubaud D. Forthcoming. The hedge asset for BRICS stock markets: Bitcoin, gold, or VIX. The World Economy.

Bouri E., Kanjilal K., Ghosh S., Roubaud D. & Saeed T. 2021. Rare earth and allied sectors in stock markets: Extreme dependence of return and volatility. Applied Economics, 53(49): 5710-5730.

Shahzad S.J.H., Bouri E., Areola-Hernandez J. & Roubaud D. 2021. Causal nexus between crude oil and US corporate bonds. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 80: 577-589.


Strategic Finance, Valuation, Corporate finance, Critical thinking

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