Montpellier Business School

Dr. Laguir Issam

Laguir Issam
Fonction Associate professor
Research themes Social and Environmental Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility
Teaching department Finance & accounting

Tel.: +33 (0)467102658
Fax: +33 (0)467405650

Short Bio

Dr. Issam Laguir, assistant Professor in Acccounting and Management Control, joined Montpellier Business School in September 2011. He holds a PhD in Management Science (University of Rennes 1, France). His research focuses on social and environmental accounting, taxation, and corporate governance and global performance. His research is published in journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Applied Economics Letters, Journal of Business Ethics, Economics Bulletin, etc.

Selected intellectual contributions

Stekelorum R., Gupta S., Laguir I., Kumar S. & Kumar S. 2022. Une pénurie chez son fournisseur ? Quand les entreprises trouvent des solutions. The conversation Laguir I., de Sousa Jabbour A.B.L., Stekelorum R. & Bruno M. Forthcoming. Uncovering the hidden factors of resilience: supply chain ecocentricity, exploitation, and exploration. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Laguir I., Choi T.M., Stekelorum R., Gupta S. & Kumar A. Forthcoming. Roles of mobilized controls and environmental uncertainty on supply chain resilience: an empirical study from dynamic-capabilities-view and levers-of-control perspectives. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. El Shoubaki A., Laguir I., Stekelorum R. & Jiří Hnilica. 2022. CEO satisfaction and SME innovation: unveiling the role of family involvement. Applied Economics, 54(53): 6160-6178. Stekelorum R., Gupta S., Laguir I., Kumar S. & Kumar S. 2022. Pouring cement down one of your oil wells: Relationship between the supply chain disruption orientation and performance. Production and Operations Management, 31: 2084-2106. Laguir I., Gupta S., Bose I., Stekelorum R. & Laguir L. 2022. Analytics capabilities and organizational competitiveness: Unveiling the impact of management control systems and environmental uncertainty. Decision Support System, 156: 113744. Laguir I, Modgil S., Bose I, Gupta S., Stekelorum R. 2023. Performance effects of analytics capability, disruption orientation, and resilience in the supply chain under environmental uncertainty. Annals of Operations Research, 324(1-2): 1269-1293 Shayganmehr M., Gupta S., Laguir I., Stekelorum R. & Kumar A. Forthcoming. Assessing the role of industry 4.0 for enhancing swift trust and coordination in humanitarian supply chain. Annals of Operations Research. Stekelorum R. & Laguir I. Forthcoming. Take a ride on the green side: from sustainable customer orientation to good supply chains. Production Planning & Control

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