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Dr. Foropon Cyril

Foropon Cyril
Fonction Full Professor
Research themes Big Data & Predictive Analytics, Healthcare Operations, Humanitarian Operations Management, Humanitarian Supply Chain Management, Industry 4.0, Lean Operations, Sustainable Supply Chain Management.
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management
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Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 27 12
Short Bio

Dr. Cyril Foropon is Full Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, and the Director of Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Programs at Montpellier Business School (MBS). He holds a PhD in Management from HEC Paris. His research interests are in the fields of quality management and humanitarian supply chain management. He is particularly interested in the implementation of Lean management within both service and manufacturing organizations, quality management practices within ISO 9000 candidate organizations, process management within humanitarian non-governmental organizations, the impact of emerging technologies in the field of operations and supply chain management, and the use of metaphors in operations management theory building. His articles are published in IJPE, IJPR, IJOPM, AOR, JCP, MD, IJIM, JEIM, IJLM, TFSC, amongst other leading academic journals. He serves as an Associate Editor of Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management.

Case method teaching expert (Harvard Business School), International Teachers Program (ITP) participant (London Business School), and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Executive Certified (Centrale Supélec), Professor Foropon has more than 15 years of teaching experience in front of a large variety of audiences (Undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, Master, MSc, DBA, and Executive education), at leading international business schools (France, Canada, China, India). Moreover, he has developed a CGE-accredited Master of Science (MSc) in Lean Operations Management with a view to prepare all MSc students to face challenges, to solve problems, and to embrace opportunities within all types of companies in order to transform these firms into world-class and highly successful companies.
Cyril is the Director of Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Programs at MBS offered successfully in China and Tunisia.

Selected intellectual contributions

Han S., Mo Y., Chen L., Luo Z., Foropon C. & Belal H.H. Forthcoming. A Multi-period Closed-loop Supply Chain Network Design with Circular Route Planning. Annals of Operations Research.

Singh S.K., Raj A., Ajith K. & Foropon C. Forthcoming.A multi-stage method to determine organizational constraint structure and its application in a steel plant in India. Benchmarking: An International Journal.

Singh R., Sharma P., Foropon C. & Belal M. 2022. The role of Big Data and predictive analytics in the employee retention: A resource-based view. International Journal of Manpower, 43(2): 411-447.

Dubey R., Bryde D.J., Graham G., Foropon C., Kumari S. & Gupta O. Forthcoming. The role of alliance management, Big Data Analytics and information visibility on new-product development capability. Annals of Operations Research.

Dubey R., Foropon C. & Venkadesh V.G. Forthcoming. Climate-resilient supply chains: A mixed-methods approach. In Agarwal et al. (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Global Value Chains. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Jegan J., Saxena D., Sonwaney V. & Foropon C. Forthcoming. Procurement 4.0 to the rescue: Catalysing its adoption by modelling the challenges. Benchmarking: an International Journal.

Warrier U., Foropon C. & Chehimi M. 2022. Examining the influence of mindfulness on organizational role stress: A monitor acceptance theory perspective. International Journal of Manpower, 43(2): 448-462.

Dubey R., Bryde D., Foropon C. & Tiwari M. 2022. How frugal innovation shape global sustainable supply chains during the pandemic crisis: Lessons from the COVID-19. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 27(2): 295-311.

Dubey R., Bryde D., Foropon C., Tiwari M., Dwivedi Y. & Schiffling S. 2021. An investigation of information alignment and collaboration as complements to supply chain agility in humanitarian supply chain. International Journal of Production Research, 59(5): 1586-1605.


Introduction to Research
Building Theory through Case-study Research
Advanced Operations and Supply Chain Management
Principles of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Lean Management
Six Sigma
Theory of Constraints
Total Quality Management

Additional informations

FNEGE Media Videos:

Dubey, R., Gunasekaran, A., Childe, S., Bryde, D., Giannakis, M, Foropon, C., Roubaud, D., and Hazen, B., (2020), “Big data analytics and artificial intelligence pathway to operational performance under the moderating effect of entrepreneurial orientation: A study on manufacturing organisations”, International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE), Category 1 (CNRS-FNEGE rankings).
Video available here.

Larson, P.D., and Foropon, C., (2018), “Process Improvement in Humanitarian Operations: An Organizational Theory Perspective”, International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), Category 2i (FNEGE-CNRS rankings).
Video available here.

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