Montpellier Business School
05 February 2019

Executive MBA – Review of the 2018 graduation ceremony

Executive MBA – Review of the 2018 graduation ceremony

On Friday, February 1st, the solemn, moving, and festive Executive MBA graduation ceremony rewarded and honoured the Class of 2018.

The MBS Executive MBA is an ACCSB and AMBA accredited programme that also provides the RNCP 1st Level Certification “Manager of Business Development or Business Unit”. The entire Class of 2018 graduated under the applause of students’ families, friends, professors, professors and programme managers. 

André Deljarry, President of CCI Hérault and 1st Vice-President of CCI Occitania, attended the event to congratulate the graduates. He directly addressed them: “By choosing Montpellier Business School, you have had access to a methodology that will allow you to better understand complex problems in a moving and changing world. You can be proud of your contribution to the influence of this school and I wish you all to fulfil your ambitions”.

After the speeches by Matthias Bauland, Deputy Director-General in charge of MBS development and Magdalena François-Thurin, Executive Director of Education, Dr David Roubaud, Deputy Director-General in charge of academic affairs and research, said: “Congratulations for the work accomplished and the obtain results. My thanks go to the faculty for its impact and involvement, but also to you, dear 2018 graduates, for all that you have taught us. Success requires commitment, tenacity, but also curiosity, creativity and inspiration. You also have to know how to break certain codes to reach things that seem impossible. Tonight, you are the pride of your loved ones, but also our pride”.

Head of the class in Fast-Track (1 year) and winner of the 2018 Thesis Prize , Laura Lecurieux-Belfond was awarded twice for her work. “Nothing is easy but everything is possible,” Laura said on the stage of the MBS Grand Amphitheatre. “The thesis is not only an academic exercise, because this work also opens up professional opportunities for me today “.

Rémi Trouville, head of the class in the Part-Time program (2 years), delivered an energetic speech. “I decided to challenge myself by resuming my studies at 40 years old (…) since the first day; we promised ourselves, as strangers, to go all the way and graduate together! Tonight is therefore a joint victory because we are leaving with a great collective richness”. 

Congratulations also to Christophe Brice, the winner of the Award of Excellence for his exceptional career within the MBA, but also to all the graduates of this Year Group. See you next year for the graduation of the 25th class of the MBS Executive MBA program!

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