MSc in Global Business

Key points

A new programme for Montpellier Business School approved by the French educational organisation “Conférence des Grandes écoles”

An astonishing international adventure: three countries, three continents and an international internship.

The Master of Science (MSc) in Global Business (MGB) of Montpellier Business School is an innovative programme with three prestigious AACSB-accredited universities around the world.

You will start your studies at the Victoria University (Uvic), Canada then  you will continue the programme at Montpellier Business School, France, and finally at the Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Seoul, South Korea, for 3 months in each university and anywhere you want for the 4 to 6-months professional practice.

In a globalised world which is constantly changing, the MSc in Global Business will develop your knowledge, skills and more importantly, your international agility by spending one year in an intensive global business environment, dealing with different cultures and real-world business experience. The Master in Global Business will give you an open mind-set.

The MGB programme offers you an access to a wide network of professors, students and alumni who will help you adapt to new cultures and meet the challenges that come with new experiences, gain confidence and develop a global mind-set you won’t find in the pages of textbooks, business theories or a typical classroom setting.

Key points

A unique and cross-cultural experience in three different countries: 

→ Designed for recent graduates holding a Bachelor's degree in business, commerce, economy or management,

→ Innovative curriculum delivery,

→ A mobile and diverse programme, 

→ First-hand experience,

→ Support through your journey,

→ A global mind-set and skill-set,

→ Language: entirely taught in English,

→ Intake: last week of August,

→ Credits: 90 ECTS

→ Degree: MSc in Global Business from Montpellier Business School, 

→ Tuition Fees: 16 500 €


→ A Bachelor degree or equivalent, in commerce, business, administration or management

→ Good English level:a minimum score of TOEFL 75/120 or TOEIC 670/990 or IELTS 6.0/9,

→ Clear and relevant professional goals

Admission Process

→ You’ll need to fill a completed online application form (which can be saved and completed over time) using the Apply button above,
→ Selected applicants are scheduled for admission interviews (via Videoconference)

Programme outline

The MSc in Global Business is one of Montpellier Business school’s programmes in which you can foster your international professional skills and find a way to stand out from the crowd. It will provide you the specialist tools and techniques to increase your strengths on the international arena.

In addition to business fundamental courses, you can benefit from Chinese or French language courses. Company visits are also organised on each continent during the programme.

During the entire programme, you will meet professional experts and develop solid know-how which will make you ready to tackle all the challenges you will face during your future career with serenity.

Many reasons to choose this programme

→ 3 top international universities and a unique opportunity to spend 3 months in 3 continents,

→ 3 accredited schools

→ An innovative pedagogical method,

→ Differentiate yourself by joining a truly international programme,

→ An excellent employability rate for our Montpellier BS graduates: 70% of students from our programmes are hired before they even graduate,

→ Networking opportunities

The study programme

You begin with the Global Business Fundamentals module to first acquire a deep understanding of both doing business in a global environment and the unique characteristics of the North American business context. The module includes international finance, strategy, marketing, global logistics and supply-chain management classes with a focus on North American legal, economic and social issues. You will learn about companies’ internationalization processes: first, export issues; then international firm issues; and lastly, issues related to multinational organizations.

Main courses:

The North American Business Context

This course examines the socio-economic and legal factors that have an impact in doing business in North America.

International Financial Management

Through this course you will examine the international financial markets and the financial decision making of multinational firms. Topics include international monetary systems, exchange rate determination, foreign currency derivatives, risk management techniques and investments, financing and operating in global markets.

International Marketing and Global Strategy

Through this course you will examine the strategic challenges facing businesses in an international context, with a focus on marketing issues. Topics include problems associated with controlling and coordinating activities in multiple markets, management in diverse markets, responding to consumer and competitor differences, understanding the impact of different institutional structures, and coping with market consolidation.

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Through this course you will examine the issues involved in managing a global supply chain and logistic flow. Topics are developed around the risks and opportunities of global sourcing. They include designing and implementing a global supply chain, foreign manufacturing, inventory management, coping with security concerns, outsourcing, service standards, transportation options and performance evaluation.

Industry Analysis and the Asian Business Context

During this course you will have an overview of business operations in industries such as steel, food processing, ship building, fishery, petroleum and high tech. In addition, the course will give you an insight on how firms in these industries deal with threats and opportunities in a global setting as well as in an Asian business context.

Business Development and Europe's Entrepreneurial Environment

This course will give you the skills necessary to analyse the European market and the knowledge needed for successful new global business ventures within Europe's entrepreneurial environment. Emphasis will be given to the various stages in the development of a business plan, from idea development to the presentation of the plan.

The European Business Context

This course provides an overview of corporate governance structures, legal and economic systems and environmental sustainability issues in the European Union and beyond. The course will prepare students to apply their knowledge and global perspective to solving business issues and challenges.

Consulting Methods and Practice

This course provides an overview of the process of management consulting; introduces students to consulting methods to help them gaining knowledge of consulting and to highlight specific consulting and research skills. To practice the application of these methodologies, student will work in team on an issue or a problem their assigned overseas organizations are facing, and provide them with consulting advices. In addition, this course will ultimately prepare students for the International Research and Consulting Project.

Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence

An insight in the various dimensions of culture, cross-cultural leadership and management. Topics include how cultural intelligence and global mind-set impacts teamwork, conflict management, negotiations, motivation and overall leadership in international settings. The course compares how people from the three regions of the Master in Global Business programme modules (e.g. North Americans, Asians, Europeans) are similar and how they differ along these dimensions. This includes the challenges resulting from these differences and how to resolve them.

International Research and Consulting Report

This project consists of an individual or group consulting report. The participants are gathered into small teams, supervised by a professor, and develop a consultant/client relationship with a corporate sponsor. The students examine a current problem the corporate sponsor is facing and prepare detailed written recommendations.

At Montpellier Business School, the students will also have to lead an Entrepreneurial Project. The goal will be to create a viable business by working on a business plan.

In the framework of the creativity and innovation classes, the students, in small groups of 3 or 4, will have to find a concept and formulate a business proposition. They will then develop the Marketing and Strategy part of the business plan (with a real market study) and will work on the financial study. To conclude the project, they will present it in front of bankers and business angels, just as if they were asking for funding.

In Seoul, the participants will put in practice their knowledge through a “consulting project”.  It is usually a case study with the managers from Samsung or LG. The teams will have to find some recommendation for questions like: “how to price this mobile phone?”, “how to nurture innovation in the units?”, “which packaging?”, etc.

Global Internship

4 to 6-months professional practice, internship or job, and writing a Master Thesis.

Job opportunities

- Director and/or Manager of international Operations
- Director and/or Manager of Transport
- International project manager
- International brand manager
- Supply chain director
- International marketing director
- International Product manager
- International events director
- Purchaser, Purchase Manager, Purchase Director
- Director and/or Manager of international Operations
- International Human resource manager

In addition, the programme will support the participants if they want to start their own company locally and internationally during or after the MSc.

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