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Dr. HO Hoang

HO Hoang
Fonction Assistant professor
Teaching department Sustainable development management: economy, human resources and diversity


Short Bio

Dr. Hoang Ho joined Montpellier Business School in 2020 as an Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management (HRM). He has a PhD in HRM from BI Norwegain Business School.
Dr. Ho's research interests relate to the impact of strategic HRM systems on employee well-being and firm performance (e.g., are strategic HRM systems good or bad for employee well-being and firm performance?) and high-performance work systems implementation (e.g., how do firms effectively implement their HRM systems?). He has also undertaken a number of projects in relation to work motivation (e.g., the impact of organizational overcommitment on well-being and firm performance) and diversity at work (e.g., how does the use of nonstandard workers effect the standard, fulltime employees in that workplace?).
Dr. Ho is a member of the Academy of Management where he serves as a reviewer for the HRM and OB divisions. He also serves as a ad-hoc journal reviewer for Human Resource Management Journal. Dr. has won a number of research awards (e.g., the Economic and Social Research Council Award from the UK, International Stipendier Award from Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation, Denmark, and Research Award from Otto Monsteds Fonds, Denmark)

Selected intellectual contributions

Ho.H. & Kuvas, B. 2020. Human resource management systems, employee well-being, and firm performance from the mutual gains and critical perspectives: The well-being paradox. Human Resource Management, 59(3): 235-253.

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