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Dr. Duchêne Sébastien

Duchêne Sébastien
Fonction Associate Professor
Research themes Green Finance
Teaching department Finance, Control and Law


Short Bio

Dr. Sébastien Duchêne is Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at Montpellier Business School since september 2022. He holds a PhD in economics from Université Côte d’Azur (2017, winner of the DESPEG doctoral school thesis award) and a French habilitation of supervising doctoral research in Economics and finance (2021, “HDR”, University of Montpellier). He is also associate researcher at the CEE-M (the Center for Environmental Economics-Montpellier).
Before joining the school, Dr. Sébastien Duchêne first worked for nearly eight years in the banking sector as a portfolio manager, corporate banker in a corporate and investment bank, and at the Inspection General (audit department). He then moved to the academic world as Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Montpellier in 2018, to perform research on bounded rationality, ethics and individual preferences in finance and public health, within the CEE-M laboratory (University of Montpellier, CNRS, INRA, SupAgro). He also co-founded the first university degree in green finance in France, in partnership with CIC SUD Ouest, a bank with which he is currently developing research on sustainable finance. He also initiated a research collaboration in green and socially responsible finance with Crédit Agricole Languedoc.
Sébastien Duchêne holds a master's degree from Toulouse Business School and an executive master's degree from Sciences Po Paris. His work has been published in journals such as the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Social Choice and Welfare, The Lancet Public Health, Theory and Decision, Mathematical Social Sciences, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance and Social Psychology.

Selected intellectual contributions

Blayac T., Dubois D., Duchêne S., Nguyen-Van P., Ventelou B. & Willinger M. 2022. What drives the acceptability of restrictive health policies: an experimental assessment of individual preferences for anti-COVID 19 strategies. Economic Modelling, 116: 106047.

Rafaï I., Duchêne S., Guerci E., Basieva I. & Khrennikov A. 2022. The triple-store experiment: A first simultaneous test of the Law of Total Probability and the Born Rule in Human Decision-Making. Theory and Decision, 92(2): 387-406.

Blayac T., Dubois D., Duchêne S., Nguyen-Van P., Ventelou B. & Willinger M. 2021. Population preferences for inclusive COVID-19 policy responses. The Lancet Public Health, 6(1), e9.


2022-2023: Montpellier Business School, PGE: Corporate finance (45h)
2022-2023: Montpellier Business School, Master of Science: From conventional finance to ESG Investing: Why and How (ESG and financial analysis, 30h)
2021-2022: University of Montpellier, University Green Finance Diploma: Green Finance jobs and Financial Markets (4h)
2020-2021: University of Montpellier, Green Finance Diploma: Green finance and financial markets (22h)
2019-2022: University of Montpellier, Licence 1 (Parcours Réussir: special course career path to success): Statistics (45h)
2019-2022: University of Montpellier, Master 2 (Economie Industrielle et des Réseaux): Introduction to Corporate Finance (10h)
2018-2022: University of Montpellier, Master 2 (Monnaie, banque, finance, assurance): Asset Management (20h*2)
2018-2022: University of Montpellier, Master 1 (Monnaie, banque, finance, assurance): Financial Macroeconomics (20h), Corporate Finance (20h)
2018-2022: University of Montpellier, Licence 3 (Sciences Économiques): International Finance (30h)
2016-2017: University Côte d’Azur (Licence 1 in Economics): Statistics (60h)
2014-2016: University Côte d’Azur (Licence 3 in Management): Economic Conditions and Employment Policies (60h)
2015-2016: University Côte d’Azur (Licence 1 in Economics): Probabilities (15h)

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