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Short courses – Managing complex situations

100% online short course in management

100% online short course on Management

Remote work,the multiplication of projects, and team turnover are just some of the complex situations managers face. This program aims to change their practices so that they might adopt winning management  strategies, improve their performance,and restore meaning to their daily actions.

Useful information

  • 1500 € net of tax  
  • Administrators, senior managers, project leaders, managers in charge of a project, an operational unit, or a profit center, and public or private company consultants interested in discussing their managerial practices and evolving through the acquisition of proven methods
  • Sessions – April 2022
  • Courses taught in french or english
  • Duration: 22.5 hours
  • 100% online course


Description of the course

This program aims to make it easier to achieve consistency between the strategic objectives of companies and their employer brand.

Three key targets:

  •  Gaining a better understanding of your own environment through analysis
  • Adapting management practices to facilitate the organization’s integration and evolution
  • Stepping back and examining the consistency of the values and levers within the organization in order to improve team commitment



  • Conducting analyses to recruit, helping to evolve
  • Understanding the levers you can use to change your management practices
  • Designing monitoring and analysis tools that align strategic outcomes with team commitment
  • Performing a profile analysis using different methods
  • Adapting your posture, communication, and ability to delegate
  • Using agile management methods
  • Identifying the drivers that will optimize commitment 
  • Adapting your organization
  • Optimizing the consistency of corporate values
  • Optimizing the consistency between strategic deployment and managerial stance
  • Helping to communicate, present, and explain the key components of the choices made
  • Improving the capacity to adapt to change and implementation constraints


  • Identifying the “reality” of management issues
  • Analysis and understanding of your own and other people’s communication patterns to prevent complex situations
  • Principles and methods of managerial agility
  • Developing your posture in complex situations
  • Remote communication and management
  • Delegation and organizational adaptations
  • Lean management
  • Commitment to, trust in, and consistency of values
  • Work on real problems chosen by each participant
  • Illustrations and benchmark for all business sectors

Admission file

Questionnaire at the beginning and end of the programme to assess learner progress and evaluate learning achievements during training.

  • Each subject is addressed with a contextualizing video clip and a simple exercise to put it into practice.
  • Video conferences and remote individual interviews are scheduled to help each student progress at their own pace.

€1,500 taxes included*

► On-site training available on request

  • “Managing Complex situations” is a new programme.
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