Montpellier Business School
02 February 2018

Véronique Flavigny – Responsible for Air France training policy

Véronique Flavigny – Responsible for Air France training policy

“We chose the VAE because it allows for tailor-made solutions. For employees, the benefit is extraordinary because it increases their awareness of the skills they possess. To complete these skills, they follow a real academic path and finally get a degree which certifies and validates their knowledge. This fosters team spirit through exchanges of good practices and reveals a sense of pride. I would add that, for those who have not had the opportunity to pursue their studies, it is never too late to catch up. As for the company, it ensures the development of its employees’ careers while professionalising them.

Our sector managers and instructors’ career paths have not necessarily enabled them to acquire some of the skills that we now wish to instill in them. The challenge is that they integrate all of the economic and strategic dimensions of the company, the marketing, financial and customer relations aspects, as well as the impact of new technologies, to be able to understand the company’s decisions field. Our objective is to strengthen the management.

For a year and a half, 28 instructors and sector managers, selected on the basis of their career, the experience required and their motivation, followed a training course of two to three days per month, to which were added 150 hours devoted to the VAE with individual coaching.

Montpellier Business School was the one that offered us the most efficient offer of all the major schools we had contact with. We wanted a prestigious label. It was important to the candidates. But we didn’t want prestige to prevail over what we thought was the best offer. I would add that Montpellier Business School works with Paul Chiambaretto, a recognised expert in the aviation sector.”

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