Montpellier Business School
24 March 2022

Ukraine: MBS calls for solidarity and welcomes student refugees

Ukraine: MBS calls for solidarity and welcomes student refugees

In reaction to the crisis in Ukraine, students, professors and staff of MBS have decided to support the local population or refugees.
First of all, the school welcomes Ukrainian refugee students on its campus in order to maintain pedagogical continuity, as well as researchers so as not to interrupt their research work, and releases new financial aid to allow refugees to plan their future in Montpellier.


Welcoming students into the courses and setting up new scholarships

Montpellier’s business school is opening its courses to Ukrainian refugee students for free. “The objective is to offer the possibility to these students in management who are refugees in the region to maintain a connection with their studies. These students will be able to take the exams if they wish to obtain a certificate” explains the MBS Ukraine Steering Committee. To this day, two refugee students are taking the courses they choose from the portfolio of specialties taught in English.

For the next school year, MBS will open new financial aid to allow Ukrainian refugee students to join one of its programs. “The international entrance exam is open until July 15 and the school will pay the tuition fees for these students. New scholarships covering the entire tuition fees are also being set up for the start of the school year in September,” explains Bruno Ducasse, MBS Dean.

A specific mentoring system by MBS students has also been set up via the World Co student association to facilitate the integration of students into campus life.


Reception of academics and research grants

Ukrainian refugee researchers are also welcome on campus. The school provides offices, internet connection and computer equipment to ensure the conduct of their research, as well as four new research grants of 5 000€.


Call for donations

A call for donations, set up in partnership with the CCI of Hérault and aimed at a selection of international NGOs, has also been launched among students, graduates and partner companies.

“With MBS and the CCI, a whole ecosystem is mobilized to launch this call for donations in support of the Ukrainian population and to directly support organizations that have actions there.” says André Deljarry, President of MBS.

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