Montpellier Business School
11 February 2020

Stage Dating records a record influx for its new edition with more than 400 vacancies

Stage Dating records a record influx for its new edition with more than 400 vacancies

Promoting meetings between students and companies

Stage Dating took place on February 5th, 2020. The event organized by the Career Centre of Montpellier Business School is inviting recruiters to meet students on campus. “This event is one of the main missions of Montpellier Business School which is to facilitate contact between the company and the student,” according to Laurence Flinois, Director of the Career Centre.

More than 200 “short internship” offers were available during this new edition, enough to satisfy the curiosity of first-year students who are building the first foundations of their professional project following the “Work me up” event. “The market for these discovery internships is very tight. It remains strategic for companies because when Montpellier Business School students seek their work-study program, they will think in priority of the companies in which they carried out their first assignments,” adds Laurence Flinois.

43 major partners and local partners responded

Once again, the Major Partners of Montpellier Business School were there for the event. “The Major Partners present during this edition offer a wide spectrum of choices of sectors and missions to students. Adecco, Asics, Auchan, Caisse d’Épargne, Decathlon and Orchestra: the aim is to facilitate the integration of students into a large group,” explains Alexandrine Bernad, Director of Major Partners.

The Stage Dating is also an opportunity to give visibility to the smallest structures, often local, which also attract many students every year in search of a “start-up” experience. “Last year we recruited Artus during the Stage Dating, for an internship in product management and panel management missions. It was a real crush and we hope this year to have the same kind of experience,” explains Lionel Seltz of Specialist-Wanted. “Beyond the academic level, students from Grande Ecole offer a real professional posture. That’s what we came for. This posture is fundamental for the missions that we propose where the student will be in daily contact with entrepreneurs. “

A participation record for this atypical recruitment exercise

During the Stage Dating, recruiters and students have only a few minutes to assess the correspondence of professional projects with the proposed missions. Sacha, a student in the first year of the Grande Ecole program, had the opportunity to conduct three interviews for positions in marketing and communication: “The rapid format of the Stage Dating creates the unconventional framework of dating. I remember the level of stress when I was preparing for my exams. The climate here is radically different, the atmosphere is relaxed and I don’t feel like I am interviewing. “

This atmosphere of exchanges has been beneficial since the Stage Dating recorded this year a record attendance of more than 400 students who came to build their network.

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