Montpellier Business School
24 February 2019

Meeting with Muriel Avinens, a 1999 graduate, director of the Dell EMC Montpellier site and new president of the MBS Social Council

Meeting with Muriel Avinens, a 1999 graduate, director of the Dell EMC Montpellier site and new president of the MBS Social Council

A 1999 graduate of the MBS Grande Ecole programme, Muriel Avinens is now Director of the Montpellier site of our Grand Partner Dell EMC. Muriel remains close to her former school: she has agreed to volunteer as President of the MBS Social Council, which studies and decides on scholarships and financial aid granted to students in accordance with the strong policy of equal opportunities set up by the MBS.

What has been your career path since graduating from MBS in 1999?

I have been with Dell for almost 20 years. I had joined the company before my diploma because I had completed my internship at the end of my studies in a sales position. For seventeen years, I had the opportunity to go through many sales positions and I even participated in the creation of the Dell site in Casablanca, Morocco. For 3 years, I have been in charge of the strategy and commercial operations of the Dell EMC Montpellier site. I was also co-director of the site for a year and a half before being appointed director last September.

Can you share some of your memories from your time at MBS?

I was a BTS student when Hugues Davo, one of my professors at the time, recommended Montpellier Business School to me and gave me a recommendation letter. If it wasn’t for him, I would probably never have joined MBS… so I thank him again! I had 3 years of professional experience and I remember being really passionate about classes because I could make a direct link with business practice. The academic level was already very high and I had been marked by the specialisation in negotiation-sales with professors Patrick and Annie Mahé! There was a level of excellence that I had never experienced before and I had been pleasantly surprised. On the student life side, it was mainly the skiing stay that had marked me!

MBS Alumni forever… what does that mean to you?

This mainly reminds me of the MBS graduates network that is now at Dell Montpellier. There are quite a few of us there and I am delighted to see new apprenticeship students who have a lot of potential join us every year. I always see a high quality in the MBS students who join us.

Despite the important responsibilities you have in your profession, you have agreed to become the new president of the MBS Social Council. What can you tell us about it?

When MBS called me, I must admit that I was already very busy with my profession and my role as a mother and wife. I was however explained what it is and it reminded me that I was well advised and helped 20 years ago, especially with the apprenticeship. I considered myself privileged and I will certainly not be where I am today without MBS, so I truly believe it is essential to give everyone the chance they deserve. Dell also upholds the values of equal opportunity and diversity, and it is essential to see young people from different countries and backgrounds integrate this school.

What can you tell us about the role of the MBS Social Council?

The role of the Social Council is to study students’ cases and understand their expectations and needs. It also aims to understand how we can help them in the best possible way. This is a difficult exercise because MBS support is provided throughout their studies and does not stop after a scholarship is awarded. The social spirit is not diverted and I like that!


MBS’ social policy

The social policy of Montpellier Business School and its Foundation for Equal Opportunities represented an investment of 1,834,650 euros for a total of 183 students for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Students directly benefited from grants and financial assistance (loans on trust and monitoring).

In addition to these actions and thanks to the equal opportunities policy implemented by MBS since 1994, including the strong development of the apprenticeship programme (+1300 apprenticeship students in 2018-2019), nearly 50% of students are partially or totally exempt from tuition fees during their courses at MBS.

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