Montpellier Business School
12 February 2018

Anne-Valérie Boulet – Executive MBA

Anne-Valérie Boulet – Executive MBA


Anne-Valérie BOULET’s testimonial, Executive Director of a health institution, Engineer and holder of a Master’s degree, an MBA & and RNCP Level I Certification “Business Development or Business Unit Manager” from Montpellier Business School.

How did you get the idea to embark upon an Executive MBA?

The need for such training became evident as a result of a management mentoring approach implemented by the institution in which I practice. It highlighted needs in finance and strategy. The person who accompanied me suggested doing an Executive MBA, noting that it would provide me with a general and cross-cutting training more efficient than an internal career path, and that this programme seemed to correspond more closely to my needs in strategy and finance. Then, I have been looking up about the programme on the internet, especially about the contents. It did seem to fit my needs.

So, I chose this programme of the Executive MBA & Certification “Business Development or Operational Unit Manager” of Montpellier Business School because it met my needs best. I didn’t want to go for a specialised master’s degree in executive education. Especially, since I have already completed one in 2004. I was looking for something else.

Did this MBA meet your expectations?

First of all, my expectations were high, as I said, on finance and strategy. But when I step back, this programme has brought me much more than I could think off. I didn’t see it right away. Yet what I have learned, apart from strategy and finance, has been useful to me. Take, for example, “the theory of organisations”. It has allowed me to better analyze the observations that can be made within the institution in which I practice. It was a discovery, clearly. Another example: financial analysis. I had some notions, but the approach that was used during the training was fully compatible with my position. The other discovery was marketing. It’s a subject I’ve never mulled over in my institution’s private non-profit sector! The concomitance between the theory and the Markops (NDLR: simulation game in real time and connected with dozens of participants around the world), allowed me to identify it very quickly in my structure.

So you felt you were making progress with this programme?

Operating by a module approach, with theory, practice, learning expedition, examinations and practical experience in company, allows indeed progressing rather quickly. This educational method is particularly effective. I didn’t realize that an MBA could be so useful.

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