Montpellier Business School
23 December 2017

Advisory Board: when teachers-researchers and MBS Major Partners develop a relationship of constant, ongoing dialogue

Advisory Board: when teachers-researchers and MBS Major Partners develop a relationship of constant, ongoing dialogue


On 7 December, on the occasion of its Advisory Board’s annual celebration, Montpellier Business School brought together representatives from more than 100 companies to celebrate its 120th anniversary in Paris. Attended by Christophe Catoir, President of the MBS Major Partner club and president of Adecco Group France, the evening was a testament to the close relationship that research, academics, and business can forge in order to find solutions and improvements in managerial practices together.


At Montpellier Business School, businesses’ constant presence in the educational process ensures that teaching and research activities are suited to the current and future realities of management and business administration. That’s why this relationship was in focus at the last Advisory Board meeting, which brought together over a hundred Major Partner and company representatives, and many MBS teachers-researchers.

“I’d like to highlight the recognised academic excellence of MBS and the quality of its faculty members,”said Stéphane Reboud, vice president of EMEA Global Services DELL at the start of his remarks. “Among the benefits that MBS lecturers can get from businesses, I’d like to note, as a Major Partner, the example of a working group that’s going to be set up on the digital transformation, with some twenty people who will no doubt provide important insight and very pertinent recommendations.”


A close relationship that benefits students and businesses

David Roubaud, MBS Associate Director for Academics and Research, added: “Support from Major Partners lets us grow with our values and lets our teachers-researchers make clear progress in terms of publications – around 100 in 2017 – which is essential for the international recognition of MBS’s academic excellence.” 

Conversely, research also makes business change through its managerial impact. “Many MBS teachers-researchers worked first as business executives and still spend a lot of time in contact with professionals. We put on lectures, arrange speakers, or provide expertise for companies and public institutions,” explained MBS teacher-researcher Paul Chiambaretto to the audience. And as Julien Granata added: “Case studies on best practices in business serve both businesses and our students. For example, we share our findings with students in apprenticeship programmes or internships, and they use that in-company. We also talk directly to executives, because we interact with and take part in professional training programmes set up by the MBS Executive Education leadership.”


Shared values

Beyond focusing on the relationships that form part of MBS’s DNA and its academic excellence, the Advisory Board meeting also afforded the Major Partners an opportunity to speak on other topics. Pierre Farouz, Director of Human Resources at EMEA Oracle; Benoît Sys, Director of Human Resources at Volkswagen Group France; Dominique Seau, President of the Eminence Group; and of course Christophe Catoir, President of Adecco Group France and President of the MBS Advisory Board, have provided different points of view on issues such as human engagement, employability, apprenticeship programmes, or on-the-ground impact. Strong values and subjects with a future that will remain at the forefront of the minds of MBS and its business partners in 2018 and beyond.

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