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Discover the MBS incubator and its actions

Discover the MBS incubator and its actions

MBS incubator

A socially responsible incubator

The MBS incubator provides students and alumni entrepreneurs with dedicated facilities and personalised support to help each entrepreneur move from the idea phase to the actual project, find the financial resources to carry out their business plan and develop their network.

The conception phase

The conception phase allows the entrepreneur to test his idea and to ensure the viability of his business project.

At the end of this first phase, you will be able to draw up a clear and rigorously built project idea, identify the needs that your offer will meet and demonstrate the relevance of your business model.

The pre-incubation phase

The pre-incubation phase can last up to one year. It helps you bring your project to life by defining a customer promise, a vision, an offer and also the core values of your business. For example, the values of MBS are global responsibility and respect for people and their environment.

What does being in pre-incubation mean?

  • Being supported by a coach to shape your ideas and give substance to your project;
  • Attend thematic workshops;
  • Take advantage of the coworking space where entrepreneurs, coaches and supervisors gather to exchange ideas. You can also challenge and strengthen your project in this stimulating environment.

Once your idea has taken shape and you know exactly what you are offering to your audience, it is time to go through the selection committee to enter the next stage and begin the actual incubation phase.

The selection committee

When you and your coach feel that you are ready to go, you can submit a solid business plan to the selection committee. You will have 20 minutes to pitch your project and show your ability to start an innovative and socially responsible business.

The incubation phase

Congratulations, you have passed the selection committee! You are now part of the Montpellier Business School Incubator.

Your idea has been approved, and you can now move on to the actual development phase of your project. You need to develop a consistent product or service, understand your market, know your competitors and create a viable business model.

Finding the right idea is not enough.

You need to operate in a supportive environment, meet the right people, and be prepared to challenge, develop and refine your project. Coaches who specialise in business creation, strategy consultants, experts (lawyers, accountants) and mentors with expertise in your business sector are there to help you develop your project in the best possible way.

Our strength: a dense network of expert partners and a clear focus on your needs throughout the process.

Understanding the incubation phase

  • Being supervised by expert coaches in strategy, business development and financial strategy, depending on the stage of the project;
  • Benefit from personalised support from a lawyer and/or a chartered accountant;
  • Be monitored by an expert in your business sector to refine your strategic positioning, understand the regulations of your industry and expand your professional network;
  • Attend thematic workshops;
  • Having the opportunity to replace the 6-month internship with a 6-month focus on your business project (Entrepreneur Track course);
  • Benefit from the MBS Entrepreneurship Center’s dedicated coworking space;
  • Join the network of Alumni Entrepreneurs upon graduation;
  • After being selected by a jury of experts, you can be part of the 2024 cohort that will benefit from the MBS Entrepreneurship Center’s acceleration programme and secure up to €30,000 in funding!

Our resources

The MBS incubator offers you important resources to which you have free access depending on the progress of your project and your involvement:

  • A dedicated team is at your disposal to provide support and meet your needs;
  • You have access to a network of experts that are available on request: strategy consultants, expert coaches in business creation, financial experts, lawyers, chartered accountants;
  • Financing programmes;
  • A coworking space;
  • Specific workshops and training courses;
  • A special social network;
  • Special access to partner incubators;
  • Access to the Alumni Entrepreneurs network upon graduation.


Projects must meet three criteria in order to be eligible for an audition:

  • Be a student or alumni of Montpellier Business School;
  • Have a business creation or takeover project;
  • Propose a socially responsible project in terms of product, target market or positioning (ecology, diversity, CSR)

I have a business idea or a project and I would like to be coached. What should I do?

  1. Simply contact the MBS Entrepreneurship Center:
  2. You will be given an appointment and you will meet the team to pitch your project. You will present your idea to the incubator team during an initial meeting. We will then assess the viability of your project and its development potential. The project owner’s personality, entrepreneurial ability and motivation to succeed are decisive factors.
  3. You will pitch your project in front of a steering committee of experts. You will have 10 minutes to convince the jury. You must take into account the points raised during the first meeting. A visual presentation can be added to your pitch if desired.
  4. You will then enter the pre-incubation or incubation phase, depending on the stage of your project.
  5. You will finally sign the Charter and integrate the MBS incubator in the pre-incubation (1 year maximum) or incubation (2 years maximum) phase.
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