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Development of international cooperation essential for MBS

Development of international cooperation essential for MBS

International memberships

Implementing its strategy to responsibly contribute to international development of management sciences education, to foster inclusiveness and diversity, to increase its footprint locally and globally, MBS has become a member of international organizations. These memberships are an opportunity to develop international cooperation with higher education institutions globally, to contribute to the general improvement of management science quality worldwide and to promote good practices through academic cooperation and capacity building in different parts of the world.

MBS is a Member of AABS (Association of African Business Schools)

Associations et réseaux internationaux

AABS’ mission is the internationalization of African Business Schools, focusing on innovation, inclusiveness and social responsibility. AABS was created in 2005, it has members on the African continent and associate members worldwide.

AABS aims at the promotion of the improvement of the quality of learning and research across business schools in Africa. As a member, MBS supports AABS’s mission and vision of enabling all business schools in Africa to contribute towards inclusive economic and social development in the continent by promoting excellence and responsibility in business and management education.

In 2018, AABS has launched the AABS accreditation, the first African accreditation, that is based on values relevant to the African continent. It aims at bringing African Business Schools to the forefront of management education. 

MBS is a member of AAPBS (Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools)

Associations et réseaux internationaux

AAPBS aims to improve the quality of business and management education in the Asia – Pacific region through collaboration in research and teaching.

Created in 2004, AAPBS provides leadership and representation to advance the quality of business and management education in Asia – Pacific region and to improve business and management standards. It aims at developing global managers, global leaders and global cooperation in Asia Pacific.

AAPBS has more than 130 members from more than 30 countries. AAPBS’ strength is its member involvement, engagement and service share to the association and to its other members.

MBS is a member of CLADEA (Consejo Latino Americano de Escuelas de Administracion) for over 30 years

Cladea is an international organization that unites both higher education institutions and international organizations committed to the teaching and research of management. It has 55 years of action and over 235 member institutions over America, Europe and Oceania.
Cladea’s objectives are :

  • To promote a higher level and to improve management teaching, science and techniques
  • To assist educational institutions in their management science and technique teaching programs
  • To encourage management research through a coordinated effort
  • To promote management knowledge and technique in Latin America

In October 2019, MBS had the honor to be elected for a three years mandate as representative for non American business schools in CLADEA’s managing committee

Cladea fosters an accreditation organization, named EQUAA (Education Quality, Through MBS’ membership to EQUAA, faculty members and experts from MBS are entitled to join external audit teams for accreditation missions.

MBS is a member of CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Development Association).

Associations et réseaux internationaux

CEEMAN is an international association founded in 1993 whose aim is to accelerate the process of qualitative improvement of management training in Central and Eastern Europe. The association has developed into a global network of 200 members in 50 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

CEEMAN has excellence in its commitment to management and in its support of change processes. CEEMAN works to develop training, research and consultancy. Its holistic approach to the phenomena of change and leadership development promotes innovation, creativity and respect for cultural values. CEEMAN is therefore working to

  • establish international quality standards for management training;
  • promote the principles of responsible management training;
  • support transition and change processes;
  • encourage respect for diversity and cultures;
  • encourage innovation, creativity and a comprehensive approach to management development.

CEEMAN is also a cooperation with other major International Associations: CEEMAN maintains strong links with all international networks including RABE (Russia), BMDA (Baltic States), PRME.

CEEMAN accredits, with IQA (International Quality Accreditation) which is very focused on the adequacy of the training offer to the needs of companies and environments.

Among the accredited IQA business schools are institutions already accredited such as AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA.

Finally, CEEMAN has a strategy to support its members in research (creation of projects, consortia, partnerships).

MBS’s membership of CEEMAN is consistent both in terms of values and strategy, opening up vast horizons for MBS’s academic cooperation with Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Central Asia, for teaching, for research and for building links with companies in these countries.

MBS is a member of GBSN (Global Business School Network)

Associations et réseaux internationaux

GBSN is a non profit organization that partners with business schools, industry, foundations and aid agencies to improve access to quality, locally relevant management education for the developing world.

Initially launched in 2003 as a World Bank program, GBSN consists in a network of over 100 Business Schools on the 6 continents.

GBSN aims at enabling business schools to profoundly impact sustainable development worldwide, through education research and community engagement. Within the context of the emerging economies mission, GBSN builds activities and programs that enable the creation of new knowledge, provide meaningful experiences, and build relationships that can transform management education, as well as provide broad visibility to its member schools as change makers for economic and social development. Remarkably GBSN claims to have had an instrumental role in the constitution of AABS. This role underlines the coherence for MBS to be a member of these different associations

MBS is a member of EQUAA (Education Quality Accreditation Agency)

EQUAA (Education Quality Accreditation Agency) is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the quality of education in business schools and higher education institutions in Latin America and other regions. Founded to promote high standards in education, EQUAA conducts rigorous external evaluations of educational programmes. Its accreditation and certification processes are designed to encourage academic and institutional excellence, supporting continuous development and innovation in higher education.

With these adhesions, Montpellier Business School confirms its involvement in management education, its contribution to international development and strengthening of management science education in collaboration with its partners worldwide, particularly in developing countries. Moreover, MBS contributes to ensuring and improving the quality of learning and research in business schools outside Europe, in line with the expectations and missions defined by the associations. Through its contribution to international associations of Business Schools, MBS aims at being recognized as a place for international networking, for exchange of good practices and for promotion of diversity and social responsibility among business schools worldwide.

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