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Dr. Venkatesh Mani

Venkatesh Mani
Fonction Associate Professor
Research themes Supply chain social sustainability, circular economy, digital transformation and industry 4.0.
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management


Short Bio

Dr. Mani Venkatesh, Associate Professor, in the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Head of MSc in Bigdata and AI program, Montpellier Business School (MBS), France. He possesses over 21 years of academic and industrial experience, of which over a decade he had served in fortune 500 companies in various senior management roles. Prior to MBS, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow from Faculty of Economics (FEP), University of Porto, through prestigious Erasmus Fellowship (European Union). He holds his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). His research entails the most pressing strategic issues in the global supply chains including supply chain social sustainability, modern slavery, circular economy, and digital transformation from the perspective of emerging economies. He has contributed many research articles in referred journals: International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Business Strategy and the Environment, Transportation Research Part A, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Annals of Operations Research, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, & Production Planning and Control, among others. His book titled ‘supply chain social sustainability for manufacturing: measurement and performance outcomes from India’ published by Springer Nature is among the top used publications that concern one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He also serves as an Associate Editor for Journal of Global Information Management

Selected intellectual contributions

Mathiyazhagan K., Venkatesh M., Mathivathanan D. & Rajak S. Forthcoming. Evaluation of antecedents to social sustainability practices in multi-tier Indian automotive manufacturing firms. International Journal of Production Research.

Belhadi A., Kamble S S., Gunasekaran A. & Venkatesh M. Forthcoming. Analyzing the mediating role of organizational ambidexterity and digital business transformation on industry 4.0 capabilities and sustainable supply chain performance. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal.

Kamble S S., Gunasekaran A., Subramanian N. & Venkatesh M. Forthcoming. Blockchain technology’s impact on supply chain integration and sustainable supply chain performance: Evidence from the automotive industry. Annals of Operation Research.

Saha V., Venkatesh M., Goyal P. & Hollebeek L. Forthcoming. Co-creation of intangible brand assets: An integrative S-D logic/organic view of the brand-based conceptual framework. In Markovic S, Gyrd-Jones R, Von Wallpach S & Lindgreen A (Eds), Research Handbook on Brand Co-creation: Theory, Practice, and Ethical Implications, London, Edward Elgar.

Giang Ngo., Venkatesh M.& Papadopoulos T. Forthcoming. An empirical investigation of supply chain social sustainability in labour- intensive industries: practitioner’s perspective through theoretical lenses. Production Planning and Control.

Venkatesh M. & Gunasekaran A. 2021. Upstream complex power relationship and firms reputation in global value chains. International Journal of Production Economics, 237: 108142.

Belhadi A., Venkatesh M. , Venkatesh V G. & Peter S. 2021. Behavioral mechanisms influencing sustainable supply chain governance decision-making from a dyadic buyer-supplier perspective. International Journal of Production Economics, 236: 108136.

Manimuthu A., Venkatesh V. G., Sreedharan V R. & Venkatesh M. Forthcoming. Modelling and Analysis of Artificial Intelligence for Commercial Vehicle Assembly Process in the VUCA world: A Case Study. International Journal of Production Research

Ghouri A M., Parvaiz A.,Venkatesh M., Mirza A H. & Meyer M. 2021. Real-time information sharing, customer orientation, and the exploration of intra-service industry differences: Malaysia as an emerging market. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 167: 120684.

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Visiting Positions
ISCTE Business School, Lisbon

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