Montpellier Business School

Dr. Robert Frank

Robert Frank
Fonction Full professor
Research themes Econometrics, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Information System
Teaching department Operations, information & decisions

Tel.: +33 (0)467102821
Fax: +33 (0)467451356

Short Bio

Dr. Frank Robert was Assistant Professor at the Superior Institute of Trade and Communication in Montpellier (Icosup) prior to his appointment at Montpellier Business School in September 2007. After finishing his PhD in Economic (2005, U. of Montpellier I) he held a temporary teaching and research position at the University of Montpellier I. Major topics of research are the interaction between economy and strategic management; coopetition strategies; individual, organizational and environmental analysis of entrepreneurship (regional factors, firm performance, typologies of entrepreneurs, etc.). He presented his resarch at various national and international conferences (International Council for Small Business, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, European Council for Small Business, European Academy of Management, Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research, Association Information et Management, Association Internationale de Management Stratégique, etc.). His research has been published in such journals as Small Business Economics, International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Revue Sciences de Gestion, Revue Internationale PME. In September 2010, he has been appointed head of one of the MBS teaching departments: Management, Strategy and Organization. After five years he takes the responsibility of a new department named: Sustainable Management, Economy, Human Resources and Diversity. In January 2015 has been appointed Associate professor.

Selected intellectual contributions

Le Roy F., Robert F. & Hamouti R. 2022. Vertical vs horizontal competition and the market performance of product innovation: An empirical study of the video game industry. Technovation, 112: 102411. Nicolosi A., Mione A. & Robert F. 2020. La longévité des alliances entre concurrents : le rôle clé de la symétrie entre les partenaires. Revue Française de Gestion, 290: 47-70. Xi G., Block J., Lasch F., Robert F. & Thurik R. 2020. The survival of business takeovers and new venture start-ups. Industrial and Corporate Change, 29(3): 797–826. Xi G., Block J., Lasch F., Robert F. & Thurik R. 2018. Mode of entry into hybrid entrepreneurship: new venture start-up versus business takeover. International Review of Entrepreneurship, 16(2): 217-240. Xi G., Block J., Lasch F., Robert F. & Thurik R. 2018. Work experience from paid employment and the path to entrepreneurship: business takeover versus new venture start-up. Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat, 17(2): 91-112. Cheruy C., Robert F. & Belbaly N. 2017. OSS popularity: understanding the relationship between user-developer interaction, market potential and development stage. Système d'Information et Management, 22(3): 47-74. Robert F., El Shoubaki A., Lasch F. & Dana L.-P. 2017. Linking types of ICT entrepreneurs to new firm survival. International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business, 30(1): 110-146. Hamouti R., Robert F. & Le Roy F. 2014. Stratégie singulière, stratégie de coopération verticale ou stratégie de coopétition: Quelle est la meilleure stratégie pour l’innovation produit? Innovations, Cahiers d’Économie et de l'Innovation, 43: 135-161. Hamouti R., Robert F. & Le Roy F. 2013. Quel type de coopétition pour l’innovation-produit? Le cas de l’industrie des jeux video. Journal of Social Management, 11(2): 132-162.

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