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Master Leligois Beverly

Leligois Beverly
Fonction Associate Professor
Teaching department Sustainable development management: economy, human resources and diversity

Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 26 04

Short Bio

Beverly LELIGOIS joined Montpellier Business School in March 2011. After managing her own international company for 23 years (financial investigating and economic intelligence worldwide), she pursued her Master’s degree from MBS. She is an Associate Professor of Cross Cultural Management and Ethics. She publishes case studies (the latest in November 2019: Using Global Dexterity to “lux” the world better) and is involved in academic and consulting activities in the above fields. Her other topics of interest are innovative educational trends, sustainable development and global responsibility. She is not only an active member of SIETAR (Society of Intercultural Education Training and Research), but also coaches, trains and is an intercultural facilitator for them. She is an educational advisor for international students at MBS and has created a specific course (French Culture & Society) to help them better integrate their studies and new life in France based on her own exchange experience when she left the United States to study in France. She has received several Excellence in Teaching Awards over the past few years.

Selected intellectual contributions

Leligois B. Putting 6-hat color into luxury fashion sense. Centrale des Cas Pédagogiques de Paris (CCMP).

Leligois B. 2018. Using Global Dexterity to "lux" the world better. Centrale des Cas et des Medias Pédagogiques de Paris (CCMP)

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