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Dr. Hollebeek Linda

Hollebeek Linda
Fonction Associate Professor
Teaching department Marketing, Sales and Communication Department


Short Bio

Dr. Hollebeek Linda joined MBS in 2017 as an Associate Professor in the Marketing Department. She is also a Full Professor (Adjunct) at Tallinn University of Technology. Her research interests focus on consumer- and/or customer engagement and interactive consumer/brand relationships. Linda’s work has published in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Interactive Marketing, and Journal of Business Research, among others.
Her teaching interests include marketing management, service marketing, strategic brand management, international marketing and consumer behaviour. At MBS, she is teaching the Master's course Global Marketing Management and has also taught the DBA course titled Qualitative Research Methods for MBS in Zhengzhou (in collaboration with Henan Modern Engineering Management Institute).
She is the recipient of the 2020 SERVSIG Emerging Scholar Award, 2019 JBR Best Paper Award, 2018 Journal of Services Marketing Outstanding Paper Award, 2016 Emerald Citations of Excellence Award, 2015 Outstanding Paper Award, 2014 Australia-New Zealand Marketing Academy's Emerging Researcher Award, University of Waikato's 2012 Dean's Award for Outstanding Emerging Scholar, and a number of other awards. Linda has consulted to various companies, including Coca-Cola, Foodstuffs, Westpac, Soljan’s Wines, the New Zealand Department of Labor, the New Zealand Commerce Commission and the University of Auckland’s Graduate School of Enterprise.

Selected intellectual contributions

Kautish P., Hollebeek L., Khare A. & Rather R. Forthcoming. The effect of consumer values on engagement and behavioral intent: Moderating role of age. In Rajagopal, Behl & Ramesh (Eds.), Managing Disruptions in Business: Causes, Conflicts, and Control, Palgrave-MacMillan.

Hussain A., Abbasi A., Hollebeek L., Schultz C., Ting D. & Wilson B. Forthcoming. Videogames-as-a-service: Converting freemium- to paying users through pop-up advertisement value. Journal of Services Marketing.

Saha V., Venkatesh M., Goyal P. & Hollebeek L. Forthcoming. Co-creation of intangible brand assets: An integrative S-D logic/organic view of the brand-based conceptual framework. In Markovic S, Gyrd-Jones R, Von Wallpach S & Lindgreen A (Eds), Research Handbook on Brand Co-creation: Theory, Practice, and Ethical Implications, London, Edward Elgar.

Menidjel C, Hollebeek L, Leppiman A, & Riivits-Arkonsuo I. Forthcoming. Role of AI in enhancing customer engagement, loyalty, and loyalty program performance. In De Ruyter K, Keeling D & Cox D (Eds.), The Handbook of Research on Customer Loyalty, London, Edward Elgar.

Berndt A., Hollebeek L., Kaljund K. & Rather R. Forthcoming. Player- and spectator engagement and co-creation in e-sports gaming events during and post-COVID-19. In Rather R. (Ed.), Brand Co-Creation Tourism Research: Contemporary Issues and Challenges, Delhi, Apple Academic Press.

Kuppelwieser V., Klaus P., Manthiou A. & Hollebeek L. Forthcoming. The role of customer experience in the perceived value–word-of-mouth relationship. Journal of Services Marketing.

Rather R, Hollebeek L, Ghasemi M, Kukk J. & Smith D. Forthcoming. Visitors’ destination brand engagement’s effect on co-creation: An empirical study. In Iglesias O, Ind N, & Schultz M (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Corporate Branding, London, Routledge.

Hollebeek L., Sharma T., Pandey R. & Sanjal P. Forthcoming. Fifteen years of customer engagement research: A bibliometric- and network analysis. Journal of Product & Brand Management.

Itani O. & Hollebeek L. Forthcoming. Consumers' health locus-of-control and social distancing in pandemic-based e-tailing services. Journal of Services Marketing.

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