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Dr. Etchanchu Helen

Etchanchu Helen
Fonction Associate professor
Research themes Business and Society
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management

Site web:
Tel: +33(0)4 67 10 60 54

Short Bio

Dr Helen Etchanchu started at Montpellier Business School in October 2016 after having accomplished her PhD at ESSEC Business School. Her research explores how we may organize for and make sense of grand challenges such as climate change, inequality or health. In previous and ongoing studies, she investigates struggles over meaning between business, political and civil society actors in addressing grand challenges, such as the UN SDGs from two different lenses: discursive legitimation strategies, and corporate political roles and democracy. Specifically, she studies the governance and meaning structures around environmental and social issues such as fracking, smoking, corporate social responsibility, emancipated entrepreneurship, digital sustainability, and zero waste.

Selected intellectual contributions

Delmestri G., Etchanchu H., Bothello J., Gutierrez-Huerter'O G., Habersang S. & Schuessler E. Forthcoming. OS4Future: An academic advocacy movement for our future. In Kanashrio P. & Starik. M. (Eds), Faculty Personal Sustainability. London, Edward Elgar.

Aranda A., Sele K., Etchanchu H., Guyt J. & Vaara E. Forthcoming. From big data to rich theory: Integrating critical discourse analysis with structural topic modeling. European Management Review.

Etchanchu H., de Bakker F. & Delmestri G. Forthcoming. Social movement organizations' agency for sustainable organizing. In Teerikangas, S., Onkila, T., Koistinen, K., & Mäkelä, M. Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency. London: Edward Elgar.

Boysselle J., Granata J., Pourreau C., Hoang V., Cozarenco A., Delis M., Hollebeek L., Dumazer C., Meyer M., Marais M. & Etchanchu H. 2020. Conséquence de la crise du COVID. Comment gérer le changement avec efficacité et bienveillance. Livre Blanc, Montpellier Business School. Publishing Education.

Etchanchu H. 2019. Association Global Play (Mali) : négociation complexe autour de l'éducation du futur. Centrale des Cas et des Medias Pédagogiques de Paris (CCMP).

Etchanchu H. 2019. Global Play Foundation (Mali): Negotiating the future of education between multiple stakeholders. Centrale des Cas et des Medias Pédagogiques de Paris (CCMP).

Etchanchu H. & Djelic M.L. 2019. Old wine in new bottles? Parentalism, power, and its legitimacy in business–society relations. Journal of Business Ethics, 160(4): 893-911.

Djelic, ML. & Etchanchu, H. 2015. Contextualizing corporate political responsibilities: Neoliberal CSR in historical perspective. Journal of Business Ethics. [doi:10.1007/s10551-015-2879-7]

Etchanchu H. & Mathe H. 2015. Innovation at BlaBlaCar: Creating a Community for Ridesharing. Centrale des Cas et Medias Pédagogiques de Paris (CCMP).


2020: Strategic Management, Msc, MS, Montpellier Business School
2019: Strategic Management, Msc, MS, Montpellier Business School
2019: Globalization, Bsc, Montpellier Business School
2018: Strategic Management, Msc, MS, Montpellier Business School
2017: Strategic Management, Msc, Montpellier Business School
2015: Strategic Management, Msc, Teaching Assistant, ESSEC Business School
2013: Business Ethics, Instructor, Msc, INSEEC Business School
2010: Team leading and negotiation, Msc, Instructor, ESSEC Business School

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