Montpellier Business School

Dr. Den Besten Matthijs

Den Besten Matthijs
Fonction Assistant Professor
Research themes Innovation Management
Teaching department Operations, information & decisions

E.mail :
Tel.: +33 (0)467102845
Fax: +33 (0)467451358

Short Bio

Dr. Matthijs den Besten, assistant professor at Montpellier Business School, arrived in January 2012. Since 2010 he has been involved as teacher and tutor in a master’s degree program on Innovation, Regulation and the Digital Economy organized by a coalition of Universities in and around Paris. Matthijs holds a doctorate in Computer Science (2004: Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany). In the course of the post-doctoral fellowships that he has occupied since, Matthijs has sought to bring to bear his expertise in information and communication technologies to the study of society at large. His research is published in a wide range of academic journals including, but not limited to, Information Economics and Policy, the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, the Journal of Documentation, and Small Business Economics.

Selected intellectual contributions

Den Besten M. L., Amrit C., Capiluppi A & Robles G. 2021. Collaboration and innovation dynamics in software ecosystems: A technology management research perspective. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 68(5): 1532-1537.

El Shoubaki A., Laguir I. & Den Besten M. 2020. Human capital and SME growth: The mediating role of reasons to start a business. Small Business Economics, 54(4): 1107-1121.

Lin Y. & Den Besten M. L. 2019. Gendered work culture in the free/libre Open Source Software development. Gender, Work & Organization, 26(7): 1017-1031.

den Besten M. L. 2017. Engaging Online Communities: How to gain notoriety with Wikipedia. CCMP I1022(GB):

Laguir I., Den Besten M., Elbaz J. & Stekelorum R. 2017. Sowing the seeds: The impact of initial ties on growth and innovation among Micro and Small Firms. Economics bulletin, 37: A89.

Dalle J.M., den Besten M., Martinez C. & Maraut S. 2017. Microwork platforms as enablers to new ecosystems and business models: the challenge of managing difficult tasks. International Journal of Technology Management, 75(1/2/3/4): 55-72.

Laguir I. & Den Besten M. 2016. The influence of the entrepreneur’s personal characteristics on MSE growth through innovation. Applied Economics, 48(44): 4183-4200.

Den Besten M. & Nakara W. 2016. Freelancers and innovation in France. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 29(1): 66-82.


2021 - ongoing: Sustainability and Ethics in the Digital Economy (Master L2)
2019-2021: Digital Business Models (Master L2)
2018-2021: Digital Business (Bachelor L3)
2017/2018: Culture Digitale 1 & 2 (Bachelor L1)
2017-2018: Managing in Digital Environments (Master L3)
2014-2016: Computing Skills (Master L3)
2014-2016: Méthodologie 4: Certification Informatique (Bachelor L3)
2012-2015: Innovation Management (Bachelor L3)
2012-2014: Innovation Management (Master 2)
2010- : Online Communities and Peer Production (Master)

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