Montpellier Business School

Dr. Chen Yi-Ting

Chen Yi-Ting
Fonction Associate professor
Research themes AI and Machine Learning, Big Data, Business and Decision Analytics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Operations Research
Teaching department Operations, information & decisions


Selected intellectual contributions

Chen Y.-T., Sun E., Chang M.-F. & Lin Y.-B. Forthcoming. Enhancing travel time prediction with deep learning on chronological and retrospective time order information of big traffic data. Annals of Operations Research. Posedel Šimović P., Chen Y.-T. & Sun E.. 2023. Classifying the variety of customers online engagement for churn prediction with a mixed-penalty logistic regression. Computational Economics, 61: 451-485. Lai W., Chen Y.-T. & Sun E. 2022. Risk Factor Extraction with Quantile Regression Method. Annals of Operations Research, 316(2): 1543-1572 . Chen Y. T., Sun E., Chang M.F. & Lin Y.B. 2021. Pragmatic real-time logistics management with traffic IoT infrastructure: Big data predictive analytics of freight travel time for Logistics 4.0. International Journal of Production Economics, 238: 108157. Chen Y.T., Sun E.W. & Lin Y.B. 2020. Machine learning with parallel neural networks for analyzing and forecasting electricity demand. Computational Economics. 56(2): 569–597. Lai W., Chen YT & Sun EW (2021). Comonotonicity and low volatility effect. Annals of Operations Research. 299 (1-2): 1057-1099. Chen Y.T., Sun E.W. & Lin Y.B. 2020. Merging anomalous data usage in wireless mobile telecommunications: Business analytics with a strategy-focused data-driven approach for sustainability. European Journal of Operational Research, 281(3): 687-705. Sun E.W., Kruse T. & Chen Y.T. 2019. Stylized algorithmic trading: satisfying the predictive near-term demand of liquidity. Annals of Operations Research. 281(1/2): 315–347. Chen Y.T., Lai W. & Sun E.W. 2019. Jump detection and noise separation by a singular wavelet method for predictive analytics of high-frequency data. Computational Economics. 54(2): 809–844.

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