Montpellier Business School

Dr. Boysselle Jacqueline

Boysselle Jacqueline
Fonction Assistant professor
Research themes CSR communication, Social Entrepreneurship, Frugal Innovation, impact on Consumer Behavior.
Teaching department Marketing, Sales and Communication Department

Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 60 72

Selected intellectual contributions

Boysselle J. & Balbo L. 2021. La campagne #Anti2010, reflet d’une génération d’ados non éduqués aux réseaux sociaux. Influencia, France.

Boysselle J & Galvan G. 2020. The power of brand communications in a health crisis: The case of COVID-19. EFMA, France

Boysselle J. & Sanchez Sanchez C. 2018. Qualitative evaluation of the influence of two different cultures, Mexican and French, on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perceptions in organic and Fairtrade food industry. In Molina Sánchez R. (Ed.), Las Mipymes y su competitividad sustentable: reto ante un nuevo ordenamiento económico Munidal: 949-982. Editorial AIREPME.

Celhay F., Boysselle J. & Cohen J. 2015. Food packages and communication through typeface design: the exoticism of exotypes. Food Quality and Preference, 39: 167-175.

Boysselle J., Joly C., Le Bellac A., Folcher P., Gurau C., Villemus P., Hannin H. & Merdji M. 2013. Marketing et pratiques d'innovations managériales. In Jaouen A. et Leroy F. (Eds.). Les Innovations Managériales. Dunod.

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