Montpellier Business School

Dr. Blavatskyy Pavlo

Blavatskyy Pavlo
Fonction Full Professor
Research themes risk/uncertainty, probabilistic choice and intertemporal choice
Teaching department Operations, information & decisions

Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 26 02

Short Bio

Dr. Pavlo Blavatskyy is a professor of economics at Montpellier Business School (France). He previously worked as a professor of economics at School of Management and Governance of Murdoch University (Australia) and a professor of experimental economics at Institute of Public Finance of University of Innsbruck (Austria) as well as an assistant professor at Institute for Empirical Research in Economics of University of Zurich (Switzerland). He received Ph.D. in economics from CERGE-EI, Charles University of Prague (Czech Republic) and M.Phil. in economics from University of Cambridge (UK). His main research interests are decision making under risk/uncertainty, probabilistic choice and intertemporal choice.

Selected intellectual contributions

Blavatskyy P. 2023. Intertemporal choice with savoring of yesterday. Theory and Decision, 94(3): 539-554. Blavatskyy P., Panchenko V. & Ortmann A. 2023. How common is the common-ratio effect? Experimental Economics, 26(2): 253-272. Blavatskyy P. 2023. The likelihood of the referendum paradox for a given referendum result. European Journal of Political Economy, 76: 102228. Blavatskyy P. 2023. Expected return – Expected loss approach to optimal portfolio investment. Theory and Decision, 94(1): 63-81. Blavatskyy P. 2022. Intertemporal choice as a tradeoff between cumulative payoff and average delay. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 64(1): 89-107. Blavatskyy P. 2022. Lexicographic preferences in Pascal's Wager. European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 29(1): 104-111. Blavatskyy P. 2021. A simple non-parametric method for eliciting prospect theory's value function under risk and ambiguity (and measuring loss aversion). Theory and Decision, 91(3): 403-416. de Almeida Prado F. P. & Blavatskyy P. 2021. Existence and uniqueness of price equilibrium in oligopoly model with power demand. Mathematical Social Sciences, 111: 1-10. Blavatskyy P. 2021. Obesity of politicians and corruption in Ukraine in 2000-2020. Economics of Transition and Cultural Change, 29(2): 361-365.


Microeconomics, Decision Theory, Game Theory

Additional informations

Pavlo's latest working papers are available at

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