Montpellier Business School

Dr. Bartsch Fabian

Bartsch Fabian
Fonction Associate Professor
Teaching department Marketing, Sales and Communication Department


Selected intellectual contributions

Gräve JF. & Bartsch F. Forthcoming. #Instafame: Exploring the endorsement effectiveness of influencers compared to celebrities. International Journal of Advertising.

Bartsch F., Zeugner-Roth K & Katsikeas CS. Forthcoming. Consumer authenticity seeking: Conceptualization, measurement, and contingent effects. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Mandler T., Bartsch F. & Han C. M. 2021. Brand credibility and marketplace globalization: The role of perceived brand globalness and localness. Journal of International Business Studies, 52: 1559–1590.

Diamantopoulos A., Davvetas V., Bartsch F., Mandler T., Arslanagic-Kalajdzic M. & Eisend M. 2019. On the interplay between consumer dispositions and perceived brand globalness: Alternative theoretical perspectives and empirical assessment. Journal of International Marketing. 27(4): 39–57.

Zeugner-Roth K. P. & Bartsch F. 2020. COO in print advertising: Developed versus developing market comparisons. Journal of Business Research. 120: 364–378.

Cleveland M. & Bartsch F. 2019. Epilogue on global consumer culture: Epistemology and ontology. International Marketing Review. 36(4): 598–606.

Bartsch F., Cleveland M., Ko E. & Cadogan J. W. 2019. Facts, fantasies, foundations, formations, fights, and fallouts of global consumer culture: An introduction to the special issue. International Marketing Review. 36(4): 514–523.

Bartsch F., Riefler P. & Diamantopoulos A. 2016. A taxonomy and review of positive consumer dispositions toward foreign countries and globalization. Journal of International Marketing. 24(1): 82–110.

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