Montpellier Business School

Dr. Althuizen Niek

Althuizen Niek
Fonction Associate professor
Research themes Creativity, marketing management support systems, decision making, marketing communications, aesthetics and product design, consumer ideology and disinformation
Teaching department Marketing, Sales & Branding

Tel: +33 (0) 4 67 10 26 95

Short Bio

Dr. Niek Althuizen is Associate Professor in Marketing at Montpellier Business School and the Head of the MSc specialization "Luxury Marketing in a Sustainable World". Before joining Montpellier Business School in September 2020, he was Associate Professor at ESSEC Business School. Niek holds a PhD in Marketing (2006) from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands. He has taught core marketing courses and electives at the bachelor, master, PhD, and executive level. His main research interests are creativity (in marketing), marketing management support systems, marketing communications (creative advertising), aesthetics and product design, and consumer (political) ideology and (online) disinformation. His research has been published in a variety of journals, such as Management Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Letters, Psychology & Marketing, American Sociological Review, Journal of Management Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, Decision Support Systems, and Creativity Research Journal.

Selected intellectual contributions

Chen B. & Althuizen N. 2022. The effects of exposure to other's ideas and their ratings on online crowdsourcing platforms on the quality and novelty of subsequently generated ideas. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 39(5): 643-661. [] Althuizen N. & Chen B. 2022. Crowdsourcing ideas using product prototypes: The joint effect of prototype enhancement and the product design goal on idea novelty. Management Science, 68(4): 3008-3025. Althuizen N. 2021. Revisiting Berlyne's inverted U‐shape relationship between complexity and liking: The role of effort, arousal, and status in the appreciation of product design aesthetics. Psychology & Marketing, 38(3): 481-503. [DOI: 10.1002/mar.21449] Mukherjee S. & Althuizen N. 2020. Brand activism: Does courting controversy help or hurt a brand? International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37(4): 772-788. Wierenga B., Van Bruggen G. & Althuizen N. 2008. Advances in marketing management support systems. In Wierenga B. (ed.), Handbook of Marketing Decision Models: 561-592. New York, NY: Springer. Sgourev S. & Althuizen N. 2017. Is it a masterpiece? Social construction and objective constraint in the evaluation of excellence. Social Psychology Quarterly, 80(4): 289-309. Althuizen N. 2018. Using structural technology acceptance models to segment intended users of a new technology: Propositions and an empirical illustration. Information Systems Journal, 28(5): 879-904. Althuizen N. 2017. Communicating a key benefit claim creatively and effectively through five conveyor properties. Psychology & Marketing, 34(1): 5-18. Althuizen N. & Reichel A. 2016. The effects of IT-enabled cognitive stimulation tools on creative problem solving: A dual pathway to creativity perspective. Journal of Management Information Systems, 33(1): 11-44.

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