Montpellier Business School
The Chair’s activities

The Chair’s activities


  • “Sustainable Development Goals” Hackathon Challenge
  • “Impact(s) – Narrating the ecological transition” seminar
  • Entrepreneurship and systemic change
  • Systemic thinking and change


  • COAST Certificate
  • PGE Certificate: Development of the new ” Management of Environmental and Social Transformation ” certificate

Papers published by the members of the Chair

Academic articles

Aranda, A., Sele, K., Etchanchu, H., Guyt, J., & Vaara, E. (2021). From Big Data to Rich Theory: Integrating Critical Discourse Analysis with Structural Topic Modeling. European Management Review. Forthcoming.

Etchanchu, H. and Djelic, M.L. (2019). Old Wine in New Bottles? Parentalism, Power and its Legitimacy in Business-Society Relations. Journal of Business Ethics, 160(4): 893-911.

Djelic, M.L. and Etchanchu, H. (2017). Contextualizing Corporate Political Responsibilities: Neoliberal CSR in Historical Perspective.  Journal of Business Ethics, 142 (4): 641–661.

Cucchi C., Lubberink R., Dentoni D. & Gartner W.B. Forthcoming. ‘That’s Witchcraft’: Community entrepreneuring as a process of navigating intra-community tensions through spiritual practices. Organization Studies.

Dentoni, D., Pinkse, J., & Lubberink, R. (2021). Linking sustainable business models to socio-ecological resilience through cross-sector partnerships: A complex adaptive systems view. Business & Society, 60(5), 1216-1252.

Dentoni, D., Bitzer, V., & Schouten, G. (2018). Harnessing wicked problems in multi-stakeholder partnerships. Journal of Business Ethics, 150(2), 333-356.

Dentoni, D., Pascucci, S., Poldner, K., & Gartner, W. B. (2018). Learning “who we are” by doing: Processes of co-constructing prosocial identities in community-based enterprises. Journal of Business Venturing, 33(5), 603-622.

Dentoni, D., Waddell, S., & Waddock, S. (2017). Pathways of transformation in global food and agricultural systems: implications from a large systems change theory perspective. Current opinion in environmental sustainability, 29, 8-13.

Dentoni, D., & Bitzer, V. (2015). The role (s) of universities in dealing with global wicked problems through multi-stakeholder initiatives. Journal of Cleaner Production, 106, 68-78.

Professional articles

Etchanchu, H. (2020). The turn towards the economic and societal thinking of the 21st century. Economie Matin.

Etchanchu, H. (2020). Covid-19 and climate: Lessons to be learned from these crises. Environment Magazine

Etchanchu, H. (2019). The rise of the researcher-activist in the face of crises. The Conversation

Dentoni, D. (2021). Systems Thinking, Systems Mapping and Systems Change. Keynote presentation at the Assemblée Générale de Montpellier Interdisciplinary center on Sustainable Agrifood systems (MoISA), Montpellier, France, July 2021.

Dentoni, D., Bender-Salazar, R., Lubberink, R., Cucchi, C. (2021). Understanding and acting on socio-ecological systems by combining causal loop diagrams and value network maps. Entrepreneurial Learning in Inclusive Agribusiness (ELIA) project, NWO/WOTRO program, Den Haag, The Netherlands, June 2021.

Cummings, S., & Dentoni, D. (2021). Senior Expert Contributions to OneCGIAR Program Development: Private Sector Engagement. Netherlands Food Partnership/NWO. Den Haag, The Netherlands, February 2021.


Albertini et al (2021). Rethinking management for ecological and social transition. Lallemand-Stempak, N. & Eynaud, P. (Eds). “Les liens qui libèrent”. Forthcoming.


Etchanchu, H., de Bakker, F.G.A., & Delmestri, G. (2021). Social movement organizations’ agency for sustainable organizing, in Teerikangas, S., Onkila, T., Koistinen, K., & Mäkelä, M. Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency. London: Edward Elgar. Forthcoming.

Delmestri, G., Etchanchu, H., Bothello, J., Habersang S, Gutierrez-Huerter’O, G., & Schuessler, E. (2021). OS4Future: An academic advocacy movement for our future. In Starik, M. & Kanashiro, P. (Eds.), Faculty Personal Sustainability Behavior. Edward Elgar Publishing. Forthcoming.

Schuessler, E., Habersang., S., Gutierrez-Huerter’O, G., Bothello, J., Etchanchu, H., & Delmestri, G. (2021). Sustainable Conference Organizing: Practices and Impact. Diversity Research and Management. Forthcoming.

Etchanchu, H. (2015): The public debate in France. In: Hübner, A., Vetter, A., Horsfield, B. (Eds.), Shale gas: factual scientific argument for and against; the scientific perspective of the expert network of the Shale Gas Information Platform SHIP, Potsdam : GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Version 1.0, pp. 184—189.

Allievi, F., Massari, S., Recanati, F., & Dentoni, D. (2021). Empathy, food systems and design thinking for fostering youth agency in sustainability: A new pedagogical model. In Transdisciplinary Case Studies on Design for Food and Sustainability (pp. 197-216). Woodhead Publishing.

Dentoni, D., Klerkx, L., & Krussmann, F. (2020). Value Network Analysis for (Re)Organizing Business Models Toward the Sustainable Development Goals: The Case of the Agricultural Commodity Exchange in Malawi. In Science, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals (pp. 489-517). Oxford University Press.

Barzola, C. L., Dentoni, D., Allievi, F., Van Der Slikke, T., Isubikalu, P., Oduol, J. B. A., & Omta, S. O. (2019). Challenges of youth involvement in sustainable food systems: Lessons learned from the case of farmers’ value network embeddedness in Ugandan Multi-Stakeholder Platforms. In Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Through Sustainable Food Systems (pp. 113-129). Springer, Cham.

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