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October 2022

Ph.D. course on Entrepreneuring, Rurality and the Role of Space

PhD students across all institutions and geographies can attend, for free, an online PhD course on “Entrepreneuring, Rurality and the Role of Space” along the academic year 2022/2023, taught by a team of internationally recognized scholars in the field of entrepreneurship.

Along with William B. Gartner (Babson College), Malin Tillmar, Linnaeus University, Johan Gaddefors, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Steffen Korsgaard, University of Southern Denmark, this team will include Domenico Dentoni, co-chairholder of Communication and Organizing for Sustainable Transformations (COAST).

The course is open to doctoral students and others interested in gaining foundational knowledge on theory and empirical research at the intersection of entrepreneurship and the rural. Moreover, the course is offered in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Special Issue on “Rural Entrepreneurship in Times of Transformation”.

Specific topics of the PhD course will include:
Rural entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the rural (with Malin Tillmar)
• Socio-spacial foundations of rural entrepreneurship (with Steffen Korsgaard)
• Rural community entrepreneurship (with Johan Gaddefors)
• Rural family entrepreneuring (with William B. Gartner)
• Rural tourism entrepreneurship (with William B. Gartner and Malin Tillmar)
• Rural entrepreneurship, resilience, and transformation (with Domenico Dentoni)

A description of the course can be found here.

The online course will meet from 13.00 to 16.00 CET on these days: 12 October 2022, 9 November 2022, 7 December 2022, 1 February 2023, 1 March 2023, and 5 April 2023. 

ECTS credits (7.5) are available to Ph.D. students who satisfy the course requirements.  One of the primary goals of the course is to generate a manuscript for submission to an Entrepreneurship and Regional Development working paper conference on rural entrepreneurship to be held June 13-16, 2023, in Kalmar, Sweden.  Information about the conference can be found here.

If you have questions about the course or want to register, please contact William B. Gartner:


September 2022

The COAST Chair of MBS kick starts its first Horizon Europe project ENFASYS with a research grant of 406,000 euros

The MBS team, including Prof. Domenico Dentoni, co-Chairholder of the COAST chair, Drs. Marija Roglic, a postdoctoral scholar and Dr Elsa Kassardjian, Head of Valorization, started MBS’s first research project financed through the prestigious EU research program Horizon Europe in partnership with 12 european research institutions and practitioners’ organisations.

The role of MBS in the project will be central. The MBS team will identify leverage points and strategies for farmer behavior shifts through a participatory system mapping approach (from case level to food system level incentives).

Find out more about this research project and what it involves in our article here.


June 2022


The COAST Chair invites you to the first hybrid conference of the CLIMATE CONNECT cycle, on Monday 13 June from 1.30 to 8.30 pm. The event will host many experts and will be based on the three pillars of CLIMATE CONNECT: new narratives (creation of positive imaginaries); new practices (celebration of pioneers) and finally: new behaviours (adoption of new lifestyles).

climate connect

March 2022


Registration Required

Ecological transition and business are often contrasted. But are we aware of the opportunities that our socio-economic activities, more or less committed or “responsible” (CSR), can produce in terms of preserving biodiversity, protecting terrestrial ecosystems or reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the territories?

February 2022

Online conference with Fabrice Bonnifet, Céline Puff Ardichvili and MBS students

January 2022

Dr. Helen Etchanchu will participate in the #ThinklistImpact webinar hosted by the University of Bath’s Center for Business, Organizations and Society. This event is designed to celebrate responsible business researchers who are making an impact on practice through social media. 

Register via Zoom

November 2021

As part of our international scientific activities, COAST has established a special issue in Business & Society to foster a debate on interdisciplinary issues related to systems change, resilience and transformation. The call for papers closes in November 2022:

August 2021

Dr Helen Etchanchu and Dr Domenico Dentoni, COAST Chair co-holders, spoke at the Academy of Management’s “Changing Socio-Ecological Systems at the Theory-Practice Nexus” event.

For more information, you can check our article here.

June 2021

On 25, 26 and 27 June, the Association La Fresque du Climat organised its festival at La Cité Fertile. This open event was dedicated to raising awareness on climate issues. The holder of the COAST Chair, Helen Etchanchu, spoke on Friday 25 June during the round table discussion on ” The importance of raising employees’ awareness of climate issues “. Many speakers took part in this discussion:

  • Carine de Boissezon – Director of Sustainable Development, EDF Group
  • Fabrice Bonnifet – Director of Sustainable Development & Quality, Safety and Environment, Bouygues Group; President, College of Sustainable Development Directors (C3D)
  • Frédéric Giuli – Founder & CEO, Caristeo

You can watch the video of this round table discussion at:

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