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The foundation and sponsorship at MBS

The foundation and sponsorship at MBS

Since 1997, and even more importantly since 2007 with the active support of its Foundation, Montpellier Business School has been developing a series of initiatives to remove the financial barrier that can prevent deserving students from joining our school or hinder the success of their studies.

Work-study programmes are the first vector of MBS’ Equal Opportunities policy.

Why support the MBS Equal Opportunities policy?

By donating for scholarships for deserving students, you give them both professional and personal perspectives. You also contribute to the accessibility of a Grande Ecole like MBS to all talents, regardless of their economic or social conditions.

Promoting inclusion and diversity

Awarded on the basis of social and academic criteria, these scholarships finance tuition fees.

Exclusively awarded on social criteria, they are intended to cover the living expenses of students on work-study programmes.

A financial aid fund for MBS students with disabilities.

These scholarships are intended to finance the tuition fees and living expenses of one or more foreign students.

Exclusively granted on academic criteria, they are intended to finance part of the tuition fees of foreign students.

Awarded on social and academic criteria, this scholarship is made of donations from MBS Alumni and is deducted from the tuition fees. 

This programme aims to give students from 5 secondary schools located in “Rep” and “Rep+” areas access to MBS excellence programmes.

Tutoring programme towards higher education for young people with disabilities (secondary school).

This course is designed to optimise the chances of students from the “Bac Professionnel” to continue their studies in higher education.


"Receiving the App'titude scholarship has been a great relief for me. It has allowed me to focus on my studies and my professional life without stressing about money at the end of each month.”

Aurélie - Scholarship Student
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