Montpellier Business School
03 October 2019

Montpellier Business School joins the platform "For higher education at the height of ecological issues"

Montpellier Business School joins the platform "For higher education at the height of ecological issues"

The integration of ecological and societal issues has been at the heart of Montpellier Business School’s strategy for many years.


Montpellier Business School is associated with the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” and endorses the forum of the French Student Network for Sustainable Development (REFEDD) which calls for a better integration of climate and social issues into the strategy of higher education institutions.

Montpellier Business School (MBS) supports this collective initiative, which is in full adequacy with the foundations of the school, its mission and its values: to train responsible managers capable of embodying ethics, openness, diversity, responsibility and overall performance.

Known for its societal commitment to Diversity, Montpellier Business School has integrated all dimensions of CSR in its internal workings as well as in its teaching for several years, with the aim of working at its level and through its students and graduates towards a more sustainable society.


Education and 360 ° awareness of environmental and societal issues

Montpellier Business School integrates CSR and sustainable development both in its teaching, where these subjects are taught in transverse as well as dedicated courses in all its programs (from Bachelor to Executive MBA), and in its internal operation.

Students take courses in CSR and Sustainable Development, Responsible Marketing, and can choose a specialization in Social and Solidarity Economy or Sustainable Management of Human Resources and Diversity.

Every year, all the first year students of the Bachelor and Grande Ecole programs participate in the solidarity projects “Alpha” and “Prométhée”. Coached by an employee of Montpellier Business School, each group sets up an action plan to raise funds, improve the reputation and strengthen the impact of an association.

All employees and students are also invited to take part in a number of awareness-raising programs that promote societal values throughout the year. In 2019, Global Responsibility Week organized workshops and conferences to raise awareness about the disappearance of wildlife and opened up new economic opportunities to start a business without endangering its ecosystem.

Commit to the future by supporting sustainable research

At Montpellier Business School several chairs and interdisciplinary research groups are working on CSR fields.

The Energy and Sustainable Development Chair, which organizes the annual “International Conference on Energy, Finance and Macroeconomics (ICEFM)”, brings together researchers and actors from all parts of the world around the latest discoveries in these three subjects.

The aim of the Entrepreneurship Social & Inclusion Chair is to promote businesses in the social and solidarity economy and to support people who are less qualified for employment in order to contribute to a more inclusive economy.

The Microfinance Chair is also dedicated to inclusion through microfinance, especially in developed countries, sensitizes students to Social Business and collaborates with Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2006.

The group “Values, Organizations, Actors and Responsibility(VOAR) specializes in CSR practices and has supported companies in the implementation of sustainable development policy for several years, as was the case with Doctor Magalie Marais within the National Assembly two years ago.


Lastly, Sustainable Development will be at the heart of the specifications of the future eco-friendly campus, with a negative carbon footprint for higher education at the height of ecological challenges.

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