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Dr. Weiss Jan

Weiss Jan
Fonction Associate Professor
Research themes Entrepreneurial process, regional entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, the social and institutional context of entrepreneurship
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management


Short Bio


Upcoming 2022:
Teaching Sabbatical Scholarship, with research possibilities, from the Swedish Foundation for International Cooper-ation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) for teaching at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIE) division

Since 09/2020:
PhD Co-supervisor in Applied Microeconomics of Mezid Keraga, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia/JIBS. Capacity building program funded by Sweden's government agency for development cooperation (SIDA)


Peer reviewer for Research Policy, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Forest Economics, Papers in Regional Science, and Empirical Economics. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Lahore Journal of Economics


2021: Teaching Sabbatical Scholarship (worth AUD 68,000), Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT). Teaching location: Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIE) division.
2021: Research grant application (with Prof. Andreas Stephan) to Marcus and Marianne Wallenberg Foundation. Title: “The impact of the financial system on the transition to a low-carbon economy”. Proposed period & grant volume: 4 years & AUD 575,000 (clean-tech startup finance as one theme).
2015/16: Winner of Post-doc research grant worth AUD 70,000. Topic: “Survival of academic spin-offs at the crossroad of economic and non-economic goals”, University of Bergamo, Italy, Center for Young and Family Enterprises (CYFE). Tutor: Prof. Tommaso Minola.
2010: External grant worth AUD 218,000 from Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, Stockholm, together with Prof. Andreas Stephan and Prof. Vivek Ghosal. Research project: “Environmental Standards, Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from Swedish Pulp and Paper Firms.”
2010: External grant from Luckenwalde Municipality, Berlin, Germany, together with Prof. Andreas Stephan. Research project: “Innovation Potential Assessment for the Luckenwalde Municipality.”
2009: External grant from Swedfund International, Stockholm, Sweden (with Helena Bohman). Project: “The Aluminum Sulphate Company of Egypt (ASCE): Evaluation of development effects.”


Planned Visiting scholar (1) at Curtin University, School of Management (entrepreneurship unit), Perth, WA; Host: Assoc. Prof. Jeremy Galbreath; (2) at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia; Host: Prof. Susanne Durst.
01/2019 Research seminar, Department of Management, University of Bologna, Italy. Paper: “The translation of entrepreneurial intention into behavior: investigating the moderating effects of regional social capital”. Chair: Riccardo Fini, PhD.
02/2018 “The intention-behavior link in entrepreneurship: the moderating impact of regional social capital”, ACERE 2018 Conference, Brisbane, 6-10 Feb
02/2017 Guest lecture “Entrepreneurship” for undergraduate students at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 23 Feb 2017.
Invited speaker by Dr Arthit Ourairat, President, Rangsit University (RSU), Bangkok, Thailand, 22 Feb 2017. Topic: “JU Solar Team, RSU and Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019: R&D collaboration opportunities in JU’s solar car project”.
“Regional Institutional Embeddedness of Student Entrepreneurship: Implications for Entrepreneurial Behavior” & session chair “New Venture Creation 2”, ACERE 2017 Conference, Melbourne, 7-10 Feb.
10/2016 “Social and Cultural Embeddedness of Student Entrepreneurship: Implications for Entrepreneurial Behavior,” XXVII Annual Scientific Meeting, AiIG 2016, Bergamo, 13-14 Oct 2016.
08/2014 Ratio Colloquium for Young Social Scientists 2014, RATIO Institute, Stockholm; paper: “Environmental Regulatory Design, Innovation and Firm Performance”
02/2014 Research seminar, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Luleå, Sweden; paper: “Environmental Regulation, Innovation and Productivity”. Chair: Robert Lundmark, PhD.
Research seminar, Universidad de las Islas Baleares (UIB), Palma de Mallorca, Spain; paper: “External Trade and Internal Geography”. Chair: Alex Calveras, PhD
06/2012 Uddevalla Symposium 2012, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal; paper session: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Networks
11/2010 2010 EIB Conference in Economics & Finance, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg; theme: private and public financing of infrastructure: trends and future perspectives.
08/2010 European Regional Science Association (ERSA) 2010 Congress, Jönköping, Sweden; special session: location factors/choice


Ghosal, V., Stephan, A., Weiss, J. (2013). “Environmental Standards, Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from Swedish Pulp and Paper Firms.” Report for the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, Stockholm
Stephan, A., Weiss, J. et al. (2010). “Innovation Potential Assessment – Luckenwalde Municipality” (in German). Report for the Luckenwalde Municipality. Berlin, Germany
Bohman, H., Weiss, J. (2009). “The Aluminum Sulphate Company of Egypt (ASCE): Evaluation of development effects.” Report for Swedfund International. Stockholm

Weiss, J. & JU Solar Team (2017). ”JU Solar Team & Bridgestone World Solar Challenge: Konsten att korsa en kontinent.” JU Open Lectures, Jönköping, March 9, 2017, accessible via
Weiss, J. (2016). “Regional industrial policy: the case of Sweden.” Invited speaker at the workshop Re-industrializing Europe: Concepts and Perspectives, organized by Hans Böckler Foundation/IG Metall, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 7 July 2016.
Weiss, J. (2016). ”Hur har politiken påverkat innovationer i näringslivet: tillbakablick och nulägesanalys.” Invited speaker at the conference Miljö- och energipolitik som drivkraft för innovationer, organized by Miljösamverkan Västerbotten/Region Västerbotten, Cleaner Growth/Uminova Innovation, Energikontor Norr (Nenet) and Företagarna, 2 March, 2016.
Gustafsson, J. (2015). “Miljöregler triggar innovation i pappersbranschen.” Popular scientific article about my PhD Thesis in the popular scientific journal Entré, No. 3/2015 (

Selected intellectual contributions

Anisimova T. & Weiss J. Forthcoming. Towards a better understanding of the attitude-behavior gap in organic food conative loyalty: a moderation and moderated mediation analysis. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics.

Ghosal V., Stephan A. & Weiss J. F. 2019. Decentralized environmental regulations and plant‐level productivity. Business strategy and the Environment, 28(6): 998-1011.

Weiss J. & Anisimova T. 2019. The innovation and performance effects of well-designed environmental regulation: evidence from Sweden. Industry and Innovation, 26(5): 534-567.

Weiss J., Anisimova T. & Shirokova G. 2019. The translation of entrepreneurial intention into start-up behaviour: The moderating role of regional social capital. International Small Business Journal, 37(5): 473-501.

Anisimova T., Weiss J. & Mavondo F. 2019. The influence of corporate brand perceptions on consumer satisfaction and loyalty via controlled and uncontrolled communications: a multiple mediation analysis. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36(1): 33-49.

Weiss J., Stephan A. & Anisimova T. 2019. Well-designed environmental regulation and firm performance: Swedish evidence on the Porter hypothesis and the effect of regulatory time strategies. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 62(2): 342-363


2008-2009 The Economy & Foreign Trade
2008-2010 Innovation, Trade & Location
2008-2012 National Model United Nations
United Nations Simulation
2009-2012 Adv. Innovation, Trade & Location
2009-2010 Advanced Research Methods in Business & Economics
2011-2013 Management of Technology
2009-2015 Bachelor/Master Thesis in BA/ Economics
2011-2015 International Financial Management
2011-13 Corporate Finance
2012 Entrepreneurial Finance
2013-14 International Trade Theory

2015-2021 Finance, Entrepreneurship & Marketing
2015-2021 Industrial Finance & Controlling
2016-2018 Finance & Controlling for Engineers
2016-2018 JU World Solar Challenge: Project Management, Entrepreneurship & Marketing
2017-2018 Research & Inquiry methodology
2018-2021 Research methods
2018-2021 Bus. planning & entrepreneurship
2018-2021 Industrial Placement
2018-2021 Bachelor Thesis in Industrial management
20182021 Microeconomics
2018-2021 Indus. Organization
2019-2021 Research methodology
2019-2021 Operations management

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