Montpellier Business School

Dr. Wehbe Nour

Wehbe Nour
Fonction Lecturer
Research themes Energy economics, Environmental economics, Decision making under risk, Sustainable development, Renewable energy.
Teaching department Sustainable development management: economy, human resources and diversity


Short Bio

Dr. Nour Wehbe is lecturer at Montpellier Business School since September 2021. She holds a doctorate in Energy economics from the University of Montpellier (2019). Her research focuses on energy and environmental economics, decision making under risk, energy modeling and sustainability. Her works are published in journals such as Electricity Journal and Lebanese Science Journal. In addition, she has published many pedagogical case studies related to different topics (marketing, organization strategies, business and enterprise, customer relationship management, energy predictions, economic growth..) in the Case centre. She has participated and organized many international conferences in Beirut, Istanbul, Dubai, Paris, Grenoble and Munich. She is a member of the French Association for Energy Economists (since 2016) and a member of the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut (since 2014).

Selected intellectual contributions

Wehbe N. 2023. How to Improve Teamwork Through Employee Collaboration in a Retail Business? The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. 2023. Self-Motivation: your way to unleash your potential and go beyond your limits. The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. 2022. How to keep cool in the face of your most difficult customers? The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. 2022. Time Is too limited to waste it. master your time, master your business. The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. 2022. Handling the complaints: how to deal with unhappy customers in a business? The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. 2022. How to Build a Customer-focused Business ? The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. & Balamane W. 2022. Customer relationship management: What are the different types of customers and how to deal with them ? The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. & Balamane W. 2022. When you control your inventory, you control your profits: Inventory management in retailing business. The Case Centre.

Wehbe N. 2022. Levelized cost of electricity for conventional v/s renewable technologies: case of Lebanon. The Case Centre.


2021-2022: Macroeconomics and contemporary crises, Microeconomics, Statistics, Data analytics, Quantitative methods applied to management, Statistical methods applied to management (MBS Bachelor Program & Program Grande Ecole).
2020-2021 : Économie industrielle, Business statistics, Méthodes statistiques, Techniques statistiques appliquées au management, Microéconomie, International trade, Business management (MBS Bachelor Program, UGA Bachelor & Master Program, EPBI International Baccalaureate).
2017-2020 : Business statistics, Microeconomics, Data analysis, Operational research, Math, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics, Environmental economics (UGA Bachelor Program, UM Bachelor & Master Program, USAL Bachelor Program).

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