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Dr. Venkatesh Mani

Venkatesh Mani
Fonction Associate Professor
Research themes Supply chain social sustainability, circular economy, digital transformation and industry 4.0.
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management


Short Bio

Dr. Mani Venkatesh, Associate Professor, in the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and head of MSc in bigdata and AI program, Montpellier Business School (MBS), France. He possesses over 22 years of academic and industrial experience, of which over a decade he had served in fortune 500 companies in various senior management roles. Prior to MBS, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow from Faculty of Economics (FEP), University of Porto, through prestigious Erasmus Fellowship (European Union). He is a visiting professor of Digital Transformation in TAPMI, ISCTE Business School, Lisbon and University of Porto. He holds his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). His research examines digital transformation challenges, failures and learnings from global corporations, especially digital transformation of global supply chains, sustainability, and modern slavery from emerging economies. He has contributed many research articles in referred journals: Harvard Business Review, Journal of Business Research, Business Strategy and the Environment, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Transportation Research Part A, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Annals of Operations Research, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, & Production Planning and Control, among others. His book titled ‘supply chain social sustainability for manufacturing: measurement and performance outcomes from India’ published by Springer Nature is among the top used publications that concern one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He also serves as an Associate Editor for Journal of Global Information Management

Selected intellectual contributions

Mishra R., Singh R K., & Venkatesh M. Forthcoming. Hybrid multi criteria decision-making framework to facilitate omnichannel adoption in logistics: an empirical case study. Annals of Operations Research.

Maheshwari P., Kamble S S., Venkatesh M., Belhadi A. & Pundir A. Forthcoming. Digital twin implementation for performance improvement in process industries- a case study of food processing company. International Journal of Production Research.

Jain G., Kamble SS., Oly N., Belhadi A. & Venkatesh M. 2022. Antecedents of Blockchain-enabled E-commerce Platforms (BEEP) adoption by customers: A study of second-hand small and medium apparel retailers. Journal of Business Research, 149: 576-588.

Sahoo S., Kumar A., Venkatesh M., Venkatesh VG. & Kamble S. Forthcoming. Big Data management activities for sustaining business performance during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from the Indian pharmaceutical sector. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Belhadi A., Venkatesh M., Kamble S S. & Jabbour C J C. 2022. Building supply chain resilience and efficiency through additive manufacturing: an ambidextrous perspective on the dynamic capability view. International Journal of Production Economics, 249: 108516.

Gouri A M., Venkatesh M., Haq M A. & Kamble S S. 2022. The micro foundations of social media use: Artificial Intelligence integrated routine model. Journal of Business Research, 144: 80-92.

Kamble S S., Gunasekaran A., Venkatesh M., Belhadi A. & Sharma R. 2022. Digital twin for sustainable manufacturing supply chains: Current trends, future perspectives, and an implementation framework. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 176: 121448.

Govindarajan V., Srivastava A., & Venkatesh M. 2021. How working with competitors made Jio a telecom giant: What other companies can learn from its success. Harvard Business Review.

Belhadi A., Kamble S S., Jabbour C J C., Venkatesh M. & Touriki F E. 2022. A Self-assessment tool for evaluating the integration of circular economy and industry 4.0 principles in closed-loop supply chains. International Journal of Production Economics, 245: 108372.


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Visiting Positions
ISCTE Business School, Lisbon

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