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Dr. Torrès Olivier

Torrès Olivier
Fonction Associate Professor
Teaching department Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management
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Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 27 13
Short Bio

Dr. Olivier Torrès is Full Professor of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Montpellier and Montpellier Business School. Former president of the ‘Association Internationale de Recherche en Entrepreneuriat et PME’ (AIREPME), he created the Amarok Observatory, specializing in research on the mental and physical health of small business owners (farmers, artisans, small traders, independent workers, start-uppers, entrepreneurs, etc.). Amarok is also established in Japan, Switzerland and the Netherlands and in the process of being established in Belgium and Canada. His research on the risk of burnout for entrepreneurs is published in several journal, such as Small Business Economics, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Revue Française de Gestion, etc. To date, he has supervised 11 theses on this new field of research. Regarding GEM, in 2005 and 2006 he supervised the GEM France team at EM.LYON [Torrès. O & A. EMINET (2005), « Rapport sur l’entrepreneuriat en France et dans le monde », Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 43p].

Selected intellectual contributions

Thurik R., Benzari A., Fisch C., Mukerjee J. & Torrès O. Forthcoming. Techno-overload and well-being of French small business owners: identifying the flipside of digital technologies. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. []

Torrès O., Guiliani F. & Thurik R. 2022. Entrepreneurship and health: an existential perspective. Revue de l'Entrepreneuriat, 21(HS2): 11-32.

Wismans A., van der Zwan P., Wennberg K., Franken I., Mukerjee J., Baptista R., Barrientos Marín J., Burke A., Dejardin M., Janssen F., Letina S., María Millán J., Santarelli S., Torrès O. & Thurik R. Forthcoming. Face mask use during the COVID-19 pandemic: How risk perception, experience with COVID-19, and attitude towards government interact with country-wide policy stringency. BMC Public Health, 22: 1622. []

Stephan U., Zbierowski P., Pérez-Luño A., Wach D., Wiklund J., Alba Cabañas M., Barki E., Benzari A., Bernhard-Oettel C., Boekhorst J.A., Dash A., Efendic A., Eib C., Hanard P.-J., Iakovleva T., Kawakatsu S., Khalid S., Leatherbee M., Li J., Parker S., Qu J., Rosati F., Sahasranamam S., Sekiguchi T., Salusse M.A.Y., Thomas N., Torrès O., Tran M.H., Ward M.K., Williamson A. & Zahid, M. 2022. Act or Wait-and-See? Adversity, Agility, and Entrepreneur Wellbeing across Countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

Torrès O., Fisch C., Mukerjee J., Lasch F. & Thurik R. 2021. Health perception of French SME owners during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. International Review of Entrepreneurship, 19(2): 151-168.

Torrès O., Benzari A., Fisch C., Mukerjee J., Swalhi A. & Thurik R. 2022. Risk of burnout in French small business owners and the COVID-19 crisis. Small Business Economics, 58(2): 689-716.

Torrès O., Benzari A., Swalhi A. &Thurik R. 2021. Confinement et risque de burnout des dirigeants propriétaires de PME: le syndrome d’épuisement d’empêchement. Revue internationale PME, 34(2): 62-80.

Wismans A., Letina S., Thurik R., Wennberg K., Franken I., Baptista R., Barrientos Marín J., Block J., Burke A., Dejardin M., Janssen F., Mukerjee J., Santarelli E., Millán J. M. & Torrès, O. 2020. Hygiene and social distancing as distinct public health related behaviours among university students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Psychological Bulletin, 15(4): 1-26.

Wismans A., Kamei K., Thurik A.R. & Torrès O. Forthcoming. The link between ADHD symptoms and entrepreneurial orientation in Japanese business owners. Management Review Quarterly.

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