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Dr David Roubaud was awarded the Highly Cited Researcher award by Clarivate Web of Science in 2020 (crossfield) and 2021,2022 and 2023 (business and economics). He was ranked 3rd in France as a World's Rising Star in Science in 2022 and 1st in 2023. 
He is Executive Editor of Journal of Environmental Management since 2024.
He co-authored 150+ articles in international, high-quality, and peer-reviewed journals , such as Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Production Economics, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, International Review of Financial Analysis, Energy Economics, The Energy Journal, Ecological Economics, Energy Policy, International Journal of Production Research, Applied Economics, Annals of Operations Research, The World Economy, Finance Research Letters, Economic Modelling, Journal of Knowledge Management and Production, Planning & Control...
David Roubaud gained international attention for his pioneer research on cryptocurrencies/bitcoin, as well as on the adoption of big data analytics, as underlined in several bibliometric and literature reviews. He also explores financial markets, energy finance, and the green supply chain/circular economy within international research teams and collaborative networks.
David Roubaud was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate Web of Science, as an impactful researcher (H-index = 65; 20,500+ citations).
He was also ranked 22nd among Finance researchers in the world for ‘Total Citations gained in 2019 in Finance’, in Ioannidis et al. (2019) . In 2020 he was ranked 9th globally.

He was Dean of Faculty & Research of MBS from 2012, as well as Deputy Dean of MBS from 2017 until 2021.

Selected intellectual contributions

ROUBAUD, D., I. GHOSH, R. JANA, O. GREBINEVYCH, P. WANKE, Y. TAN, "Modelling Financial Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Prediction and Deeper Insights", International Review of Economics and Finance, March 2024, vol. 91, no. March 2024, pp. 680-698

ROUBAUD, D., Q. CUI, J. ANTUNES, P. WANKE, Y. TAN, C. J. CHIAPETTA JABBOUR, "The Impact of Chinese Airport Infrastructure on Airline Pollutant Emissions: A Hybrid Stochastic-Neural Network Approach Based on Utility Functions", Journal of Environmental Management, February 2024, vol. 352, no. February 2024, pp. 120117

ROUBAUD, D., M. ASADI, S. UMAID, S. HAMMOUDEH, "Global uncertainties and Australian financial markets: Quantile time-frequency connectednes", International Review of Financial Analysis, March 2024, vol. 92, no. March 2024, pp. 103098

ROUBAUD, D., P. KAUTISH, R. LAVURI, O. GREBINEVYCH, "Electric vehicles’ choice behavior: An emerging market scenario", Journal of Environmental Management, March 2024, vol. 354, no. March 2024, pp. 120250

ROUBAUD, D., N. SAPRA, I. SHAIKH, M. ASADI, O. GREBINEVYCH, "Uncovering Bitcoin’s Electricity Consumption Relationships with Volatility and Price: Environmental Repercussions", Journal of Environmental Management, April 2024, vol. 356, no. April 24, pp. 120528

JENA, S. K., A. TIWARI, E. J. A. ABAKAH, D. ROUBAUD, "Integration between Emerging Market Equity and Global Markets; is it fundamental or noisy? Evidence from Wavelet denoised volatility spillover analysis in time and frequency domain.", Applied Economics, March 2023, vol. 55, no. 12, pp. 1312-1327

ASADI, M., S. ROUDARI, A. TIWARI, D. ROUBAUD, "Scrutinizing commodity markets by quantile spillovers: A case study of the Australian economy.", Energy Economics, February 2023, vol. 118, no. February 2023, pp. 106482

LAVURI, R., O. GREBINEVYCH, D. ROUBAUD, "Sustainable Consumption Behaviour: Mediating Role of Pro-Environment Self-Identity, Attitude, and Moderation Role of Environmental Protection Emotion.", Journal of Environmental Management, December 2023, vol. 347, no. December 2023, pp. 119106

ASADI, M., D. ROUBAUD, A. K. TIWARI, "Volatility spillovers amid crude oil natural gas coal stock and currency markets in the US and China based on time and frequency domain connectedness. : .", Energy Economics, May 2022, vol. 109, no. May 2022, pp. 105961

ASLAM, H., P. WANKE, A. KHALID, D. ROUBAUD, O. GREBINEVYCH, M. WASEEM, C. CHIAPPETTA JABBOUR, A. LOPES DE SOUSA JABBOUR, "A scenario-based experimental study of buyer-supplier relationship commitment in the context of a psychological contract breach: Implications for supply chain management.", International Journal of Production Economics, July 2022, vol. 249, no. July 2022, pp. 108503

Research themes

Finance - Financial and insurance activities

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