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Dr. Rouatbi Wael

Rouatbi Wael
Fonction Assistant Professor
Teaching department Finance, Control and Law

Tel: +33 (0)4 67 10 26 88

Short Bio

Dr. Wael Rouatbi joined Montpellier Business School as Assistant Professor in September 2016, where he teaches advanced strategic finance and corporate finance. He obtained his PhD in Management Sciences from University of Paris–Est in 2016. Dr. Rouatbi’s research interests are international, covering corporate finance, corporate governance, and going private transactions. He has recently published several academic papers in international refereed journals including Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Annals of Operations Research, European Financial Management, International Review of Financial Analysis and Global Finance Journal. Dr. Rouatbi received the 2017 Emerald/EFMD outstanding doctoral research award in the Finance category and the best paper award in Management and Business Economics of the 2014 International Conference of the European Academy of Management and Business Economics in 2014.

Selected intellectual contributions

Rouatbi W., Demir E., Kizys R. & Zaremba A. 2021. Imminizing markets against the pandemic: COVID-19 Vaccinations and stock volatility around the world. International Review of Financial Analysis, 77: 101819.

Boubaker S., Manita R., Rouatbi W. 2021. Large shareholders, control contestability and firm productive efficiency. Annals of Operations Research, 296(1/2): 591-614).

Grira J., Labidi C. & Rouatbi W. Forthcoming. Does political risk matter for sovereign wealth funds? International evidence. International Review of Financial Analysis. [DOI: 10.1016/j.irfa.2018.07.013]

Boubaker S., Rouatbi W. & Saffar W. 2017. The role of multiple large shareholders in the choice of debt source. Financial Management, 46(1): 241-274.

Boubaker S., Nguyen P. & Rouatbi W. 2016. Multiple large shareholders and corporate risk-taking: Evidence from French family firms. European Financial Management, 22(4): 697-745.

Ben-Nasr H., Boubaker S. & Rouatbi W. 2015. Ownership structure, control contestability, and corporate debt maturity. Journal of Corporate Finance, 35: 265-285.

Boubaker S., Cellier A. & Rouatbi W. 2014. The sources of shareholder wealth gains from going private transactions: The role of controlling shareholders. Journal of Banking & Finance, 43(1): 226-246.

Boubaker S., Belkhir M. & Rouatbi W. 2013. Excess control, agency costs and the probability of going private in France. Global Finance Journal, 24(3): 250-265.


Strategic Finance, Finance Stratégique, Advanced Strategic Finance, Financial Modeling.

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